High Hopes (c.b. Fan fic)

The day Connor left was the worst day ever for Alana. But when he comes back to visit he's hometown will they reconnected or fall apart again?


1. chapter 1

Alana's POV

"Alana can I talk to you?" Connor asked "Of course Connor, what's up?" "Well you know how James, Brad and Tristan asked me to be their bassist, well we're going to America to try and make it big" Connor said saying the last part a little more quiet "what are you trying to tell me Connor?" I asked blinking back the tears. "I'm leaving for America.... Tomorrow." I was silent and staring at the ground I had no idea what to say "I'll be back... I promise" "when?" I asked. Connor was silent "when?" I asked a little more stern. " 2 years" he said I was balling by now.

*The next day*

Connor's POV

I sat patiently waiting for Alana to come down and say goodbye before I left for America. Last night was rough I knew she had been crying and she knows that I had been crying too. No one knows but I've I had a huge crush on her since age 11.

About 10 minutes later Alana came down her eyes were red and puffy she walked over to me while starring at the ground at the same time "hi" I said quietly "hey" she replied. I couldn't take this anymore I looked up and pulled up her chin so she was looking at me. "I'm going to miss you so much" I said pulling her into a hug "me too" she said in between sobs I pulled away and kissed her cheek "goodbye Alana" I said "goodbye Connor"

Alana's POV

"Goodbye Connor" i replied, him and I both knowing that was the hardest thing to say. Connor slowly turned and walked out looking back here and there once he was in the car I waved outing a fake smile on my face. I'm going to miss that kid so much

A/N sorry it's so short hope you like it!!!

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