Nightflame's The Name

Dayla Grayson has been certified insane since she was 8 when she watched her parents and older brother die in a trapeze accident. After that she didn't talk for a year, shook all the time, and had terrible nightmares.
Her twin brother Dick Grayson, stayed calm during the accident, did everything he could to help his sister. When billionaire Bruce Wayne adopts Dick, but not Dayla, Dick fights with the man until he adopts Dayla too.
That's just how it started. But there's still a lot more story to tell.


1. Chapter~1 The Luckiest Girl In The World

Every little kid wanted to join the circus. At least that's what my momma told me. She said I was the luckiest girl in the world, and she was right. I was.

I was a flying Grayson! I learned how to d trapeze when I was three. My father taught my best friend(and brother), Dick and I how to do simple tricks at first. We joined the act when we were five. We started low swinging over nets, but soon Dick and I got eager.l, so we were taught how to do grabs in the air. By the time we were six, we were doing what my parents, and big brother, Dean, were doing. Dick and I couldn't get enough of being in the air, we taught each other how to climb to the top of a tree, then jump down, then how to do front flips in the air on the way down.

My family wasn't just momma, father, Dean, and Dick, it was everyone at Haley's circus. The strongman gave us piggy back rides, we got to rude elephants, train the baby tigers. Our babysitters were the clowns, of course they didn't have the makeup on, but they were still just as goofy. When we were seven, the daredevils taught Dick and I how to ride motorcycles, we got so good we got to go off ramps and through hoops, but no mater how much Dick and I begged, they wouldn't light the hoops on fire.

We never went to school, but we were geniuses. Everything was a lesson! While other kids were learning their ABCs Dick and I were learning how to care for a sick zebra. Of course we still learned, Mr. Haley himself taught us math and spelling, but history was our favorite. Dick and I learned to read when we were two, and our parents bought us so many books, on the train, if we weren't learning something from someone, Dick and I were reading to each other.

That's how the first eight years of Dayla Grayson's(me) life went. My twin brother, Richard(Dick for short), and I are almost identical. Same face shape, same bright blue eyes, same thick black hair, besides mine has always been about elbow length. People would call us the leaping twins. Best nickname ever. Best childhood ever. Never been to the same place more then four times. On to a new adventure every night. I loved everywhere we went. I loved that my home was a train car and old tent. I loved my life.

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