Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


1. Chapter One

"MONICA!" Danny yelled. Danny is my four year old brother, with a terrible fear of loneliness. And girls. 

"Don't weave me here awone. It gets sacwy when I'm awone." 

"I'm just going to check up on mom, okay? I'll be right back." Our mother was in a terrible car wreck last week. She's been in a coma ever since. 

"Dats what mommy said too, now wook where she is." For a young boy who can't handle being alone, he sure can handle our mother possibly dying. 

"I'll be fine now go run over to Peter's house, and stay out of trouble," I said.

"Otay, fine I won't wun Peter's action figures under the f-fucet." With that Danny ran off to play with the neighbor's son. Apperantly they were best friends.

I got in my brand new Mustang, and I drove to the hospital. The lady at the front desk used to give Danny little treats because he would talk, and talk, and talk, until he had no more to talk about. She liked the company. I liked that Danny had found another friend. Who am I kidding? He makes friends everywhere he goes!

I walk in the hospital only to walk right into a man, with skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, piercings in his eyebrow and his lip. His arms were covered in tatoos along with his neck, and he had curly brown hair with peircing green eyes. 

"Nice ass." He said. 

"Excuse me?" I managed to say. With the intake of his body and his raspy voice I was weak in the knees. 

"Nice ass. Don't make me tell you again, princess." He circled me, like a hawk stalking it's prey. "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"

"My mother is in a coma, I just came to check up on her." I said with more confidance than I felt. 

"Tell me, princesss, are you free Friday night?" His voice got deeper when he talked about me.

"Yes I am free. Why do you need to know?" I said, again with more confidance than I felt.

He walks around me very quickly, if I might add. He turns to face me. "I'll do the talking, you just answer." He smirked. "Hand me your phone." I gave my phone to him. He typed in his number I presume. "My number is under Harry, don't text or call me unless I text or call you first. Got it, princess?" I nodded. "Good. See ya later, princess." 

When he walked away, I was breathless. The lady at the front desk heard and saw everything. 

What I wanted to do was cry, but instead I did something much worse.

I fainted.


So that was chapter one I hope you like it. Comment,like and favorite. I will be updating every day. Sometimes twice a day. I have high hopes for this fanfiction.

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