Evil will prevail (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Ryder is a wild child. She never believed in falling in love. She would always go around playing boys. When she moves across the world to Australia and meets her long lost twin sister Katie, will things change? And what happens when she meets the school bad boy Ashton Irwin? Read to find out.


3. Problems

"Tell me why we have to move to Australia again?" I asked Gina (my adoptive mother) as I was fixing my hair in the mirror.  

"Because your father--" I cut her off before she could even finish that horrid sentence. 

"Oh you mean Charlie? He's not my father and never will be!" I ran into the bathroom and locked the door as my mother screamed cruel words at me.  She sighed and finally said,

"Ok whatever fine. We're going because he got a new job in Australia and have to move there. Now either come out and pack your things or I'm doing for you."

"No! Don't touch my stuff you motherfucker!"

Gina has heard me curse many times so she sighed and I heard her footsteps departing. After she left, I walked out and began packing my stuff, mumbling curse words at Gina under my breath. 

"Cmon Ryder were leaving!" Gina yelled up the stairs. I sighed and walked down the stairs as Zach trailed behind me

"Move it fat ass!" Zach yelled from behind me as he pushed me down the stairs. I stood up and brushed myself off before getting my suitcase and walking out to my car. Gina came over and knocked on my window. I rolled it down and she said,

"Our car is too full with our suitcases. Zach will have to ride with you." 

"What? No way! Let him walk!" I yelled as I rolled my window up and zoomed off towards the airport.



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