Aria's story

Have you ever wondered why Geese fly in the shape of an arrow?


1. Have you ever wondered why geese fly in the shape of an arrow?

Have you ever wondered why geese fly in the shape of an arrow?     

There was once a gosling called Aria, who was about to begin an epic journey across seas, mountains and other hostile terrain. However, she had an unusually bad sense of direction for a bird that’s survival solely relied on its sense of direction.  One day she ventured into the nearby woodland that surrounded her flock’s feeding ground - Marigold Marsh - in search of a tasty morsel. Upon hearing a rustle somewhere to her left, Aria spun around to discover that it was just the wind that had startled her.  But the spin had knocked her internal compass haywire, so now she was completely and utterly lost.
Meanwhile, back at Marigold Marsh Aria’s flock was getting frantic, it was not unusual for her to go missing and in the past they had often had to send out a search party to bring her safely home. But those missions had sometimes taken days, and they didn’t have any time to waste, as soon the air currents would change and they wouldn’t be able to fly south for winter. The flock decided to postpone their take off plans until the next day, in hope that Aria would stumble back to the feeding grounds in the night. But she didn’t. The next morning there was a slight change in the air currents, so with a heart-wrenching backward glance the flock took off, into the silky folds of the brandies blue sky. Suddenly Aria’s sister Azure had a great idea. 
Meanwhile Aria had stumbled upon a clearing where she could gaze upon the enticing sky scattered with candy-floss clouds.  Whilst gazing upon the awesome spectacle Aria became conscious of her breeds’ call. Overjoyed, she span around in the direction that the honking had come from, and there, to her delight, she saw some geese flying in an arrow formation that was pointing the way they were flying! Unfortunately, the flock was too far off to be able to catch up with, but at least Aria knew which direction she would have to fly in to reach her family and friends again. After taking an awkward running jump into the air Aria was soon soaring above the earth, buoyed on on her weary journey by the unusual arrow formations that were scattered at intervals during her flight.                                            
 As you have most likely guessed by now, this was Azure’s tremendous plan, showing Aria the way to go using arrows! Azure was a bird well known for gossiping, so was able to spread her ingenuous plan via the gossiping channels she had created.  Aria did complete the epic journey; she joined up with another flock halfway across the Atlantic Ocean and was soon reunited with her original flock.  However, geese still fly in an arrow shape, why? Well, because Aria’s children had the same internal-compass fault as their mother! So there you have it, now you know why geese fly in an arrow formation.


A/N: This story was written for a 500 words competition, that's why its so short (500 words). I hope you enjoy it (even though it isn't scientifically correct). 

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