Ronald Potter And The Jedi Holocron: Ronald Potter Year 1

Ronald Potter's first year at the Jedi Temple. Ron's one dream is to leave home and attend Pilot Academy like his brother, father, and grandfather. But just as he is mysteriously denied entrance to Pilot Academy, he is invited to attend the Jedi Temple--a school that he didn't apply for and that only recruits 1-year-olds...until now. Now under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Ron learns that he possesses more strength and potential than he could have dreamed.


1. The Wrong Place

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

There was a boy named Ronald Jean Potter. Born and raised a moisture farmer on Tatooine, Ron knew he was destined to become the world's greatest pilot...and then everything went completely wrong...

Ron was standing outside on the porch, thinking about life when his mom showed up. Their astromech, R5-T7 was with her.

"Well, Ron," she said, "how does it feel to be done with elementary school?"

Ron looked up. "Great! I can't wait for Pilot Academy!"

Mrs. Potter signaled, and R5 pulled up. "Your father sent a message from Alderaan..."

She turned it on to reveal a small hologram of Ron's father. "Congratulations, Ron!" it said. "I'm proud of you! Congratulations, Ron! I'm proud of you! Congratulations..."

Ron beamed at the praise...but finally spoke up. "I think it's stuck..."

Mrs. Potter was not one to dwell on the small things. Instead of replying, she turned it off and beckoned R5 to follow.

Ronald followed her home, but he didn't say a word until they reached the mailbox. "Mom, did my letter from Pilot Academy come?" he asked when they arrived.

Mrs. Potter reached in. "Not yet. It'll come soon."

"I can't wait," said Ron. "Gregory said his first year there was awesome!"

His mom shrugged. "Well, until then you have to get your chores done in the garden."

Ron sighed as he went to the backyard, knelt down, and poked the sand with his shovel. Oh man, garden work is lame! At least I won't have to go to Tatooine Plant Academy...


"...and the best part is that I know I got in because of me, not because my dad's a pilot or my brother's at the Academy," Ron finished. He, Reg, and Jesse were sitting outside.

"We got our letters from Pilot Academy," Jesse replied. "How about you?"

"," Ron replied.

Jesse didn't even reply. "Congratulations, Reg!"

"Ron! Ron!" a voice called from behind.

"Coming, Mom!" Ronald called. "I've gotta go."

At home, Mrs. Potter had a grim expression, not knowing how Ron would take the news. She held out the letter from Senator Tarkin. Ronald took it and began to read. It said:

Dear Ronald,

Thank you for your application to Pilot Academy Middle School. After seeing your grades, test scores, letters of recommendation, and personal essay, however, we will have to deny your acceptance to the Academy at this time. Although nearly all of the applicants are accepted, a small number of students are rejected for various reasons. We wish you all the best as you begin this very exciting new phase in your education!

Best of luck,

Senator Tarkin


A wave of bitter anger and sorrow washed over Ronald. He'd never wanted to be anything but a starfighter pilot! And he knew not only was he rejected and forced to go to a far worse school, he'd have to tell Dad, Gregory, Jesse, and Reg, and he could almost predict their disappointment in him. Only one word for it: Doom.

It was time to get ready for Plant Academy, knowing it was his only choice.


The next day, Ronald came up to his mom while she was cooking lunch. "Mom, is there any work you need for me to do in the garden?"

Mrs. Poter continued to stir the noodles as she said, "Oh, yes--can you plant the H'Kak beans? Thanks, Ron. It's nice that you want to help without being asked."

"I thought I'd better get some more practice farming, or I'd fail at Plant School, too," Ron replied.

In the backyard, he planted the first bean stem deep into the ground. There! he thought. Maybe I could do well in Plant School after all.

Zap! A sunbeam turned the crop to dust. "Doomed..."

And then Ron's mom came to the back with another letter.

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