Upside down

She had left everything.

She moved to Australia for her fathers work.

But she was use to it.

17 years, 4 countries, 6 houses and 9 schools.

She was use to shutting people out, because anytime she let them in she had to leave.

What was so different about this time?

4 boys.

4 boys made all the difference.


1. prologue - house number 7

I frown and look out the window.

It's so boring here in Sydney, when we came we went past the opera house. But I feel like that was the only scenery here.

On the right is houses and on the left is houses, there's been a little park here and there but it's still the same.

I wonder how long it will be until we move again. I wonder where we'll move this time, maybe we'll go to France. Anythings better than Sydney.

I lived in Melbourne for a year, but then dad got another promotion. Yay. And we packed up and moved to Canada.

I liked it there, people were so nice. It was so interesting and different, nothing like America and England. But I guess nothing lasts forever.

The car came to a halt. I looked out and saw a light blue, two story house. It looked so old, yet beautiful.

I sigh and get out the car. It doesn't take long for my mother to come over and hand me a box.

"Go choose your room Darlin'" she smiled "then start unpacking"

"Is it even worth it?" I mumble "we'll be out of here soon"

My mum sighed and turned to me.

"Sweetie, I know you hate he constant moving but think about the future, when you can talk about all the traveling!" She smiled, nudging my shoulder.

"That's not what I want mum" I frown "I want to be able to talk about my home and how I know everything about my town. At the moment, we move before I can find the bathroom!"

My mum sighed and looked down.

"I'm sorry Darlin, but that's the way it is" she sighed "I wished we didn't move that much either, but we do. Now go get a room before your brother gets it"

I sigh and walk off, stuff this. I want a home, not a hotel.

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