Drown In Fire


1. Introduction

"Pain will always last . . ." 




          Its chapped lips tugged up into a sinisterous smirk. The hunter's jaw locked and their eyes hardened, face darkening into a look of irate. "I do not wish to fight you, Woods-s-s-s." The childlike voice trilled, moving the long, clumps of hair from its face. "Not yet, anyway." Its smirk widened and they stared pleasantly up at him.


"Why are you here?" His teeth gritted, hand tightening around the crimson blade. The creature said nothing for a long period of time. It scrutinized the insipid flesh, giving a sly smile. "I cannot disclose information." They laughed—it sounded like a baby's cooing a—girl?


          "He needs your help." It turned its eyes on the moonlight that speared through the west side of the chapel.


"Who's he?" He snarled, brows snapping together.




His jaw flexed, "and who are you?" His eyes never wavered from the onyx irises gazing, bemused.


          It was still. "I . . . have many names." The pixielike figure appeared behind him and smirked. "A devil's spawn? Perhaps . . . call me Mary." His eyes seemed to bulge.


He echoed the name—disbelief swimming in his face. "Mary?"


          Eerie laughter sounded like nails screeching in his ears. "I have many names." It repeated in a childish tone. "Do you remember Mary?—poor tortured soul, wasn't she?"


He did not say anything.


          "He needs your help. Mary wants your help." Its eyes flashed up to his face as he wheeled around, abhor rolling from his trembling profile.

"She's dead." He spat.


          It turned its eyes on the tainted blade, "she went to Hell." It continued in a steady undertone, "a disturbed child as she was . . . not even God could save her. She drowned in the fire of insanity."


They stared at each other, the creature cast a look of indifference. "Why me?" He spoke, his voice oddly calm. He stared back down at the child with irk.


          "Potential, simply—I cannot reveal so much, otherwise she burns." The eyes blazed, "I have brought warning." Its eyes pulled back toward the knife and it met his eyes, incautiously as it stepped forward. Outstretching a single, bloody hand. "Zalgo plans to burn the earth—once the gate is ripped open, his seventh mouth will open and Hell will be brought upon Earth. He wants to massacre the CreepyPastas' including you—" it paused.


          "Mary plans to break the plan. For 10 years, she's been withering in the pit of her own disturbed mind, for 10 years she's planned to walk the Earth once more—if you help Zalgo—you're helping Mary escape the world of her own Hell. Do we have a deal?"


His eyes turned on the outstretched hand. "What do I have to do?"




A wide smile stretched across the demon's face, and it was gone.

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