Willow tree

Poem about love and sadness, willow tree and life


1. Willow tree



It was a willow tree once there

   At the land of lake and mist,

   It was standing lonely on the shore

   Waiting for a beautiful hand to touch

   Its shining leaves.

   It was a woman in green, wrapped in

   A scarf with autumn leaves,

   Her hair was with honey color

   Her eyes were magnetizing and dark,

   She came to the willow on twilight "

   Rainy clouds gathered with above

   With gray shadows,

   She weeps under the tree and talks to it

   “Oh, willow, where is my beloved…

    since years he went to the land of

    pineapples and sun,

    and then he never returned..

    I promised to wait him every night,

    And every day I light candles and pray.”

   The woman`s tears fall from her beautiful eyes,

   They touched the ground of the tree

   And dropped on its leaves…

   “Don`t cry, dear “ replied the willow,

    I`m here beside you, I hear and feel,

    I was also a maiden one day in life

    Waiting my beloved I came here to cry

    Near the lake and mist.

    Years passed by ,he never returned

    And my longing increased

    One day I just woke up and found

     My hands transformed into green leaves

     My body " to stem of a willow tree.

    God gave me peace , I`m still crying

    But I don’t wait for him.

    The woman in green was amazed

    She felt suddenly quite inside herself,

    She stood little with opened eyes

    Gazing the lake, then kissed the tree

    And turned away.

    The willow saw her smile, she never came

    Again to the mist and lake land,

    But her autumn leaves scarf is still there…


[ n.nour 2015]

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