Night Changes

Upon becoming the lucky winner to go to London with One Direction, there was something going on with Zayn and Rebecka since they first day they saw each other. But Harry decided to turn the tables around by kissing Rebecka on the set of Night Changes giving up his confession. Confused on how she felt, series of events happened that lead to... Pregnancy? Death? Drugs? Read to find out!!! WARNING, THERE WILL BE EXPLICIT SCENES IN THIS BOOK!!! I HAVE WARNED YOU!!!


3. Arriving to London

        A girl pulled my hair making me stagger back almost falling to the floor as I tried getting off of my seat. This bitch needs to let go before I go hysterical. A second later, she let go but with a harsh push tumbling onto Zayn. What is her problem? Zayn grabbed my hand as we tried to get out of the store and crowd. The paparazzi flashed their camera lights as we stepped out of the café. Then she pushed me again. I pulled my hand out of Zayn’s and turned around to punch her nose and pulled her to the floor, giving her the memorably event in her life.


    “This is why you don’t pull my fucking hair!” I yelled. I let her go and walked to Zayn’s side. We finally got out of the shop, got into the truck and drove off.

“You are one crazy girl,” Zayn whispered. I just smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I can’t believe what happened so far. Never had too many memorable events in one day. First off, I won the raffle, second, I kissed Zayn and third, I beat a girl up. What a day. So glad they are not on tour for a while, in which I hope I make them remember me before my departure.

            We are in a plane heading off to England. Never been out of the country before. Wait, I think I left my toy. Oh shit, I forgot my toy! Oh my freaking GOD.  I just hope I don’t get extremely aroused because I will then begin humping pillows. Just joking, I would just watch porn. Yeah, that kind of stuff turns me off. I know, I’m weird. Or I could just go shop one online. Wait, are they going to accept my money? Do they have the same bank I have there? What about a job? And then I got knocked out to sleep?

   “Hey, we are here,” a voice whispered in my ear.

   “Five more minutes” I pleaded.

   “We are here, like the plane is at a halt,” My eyes popped open and looked out the window. It was nighttime, and I slept already. How am I supposed to go back to sleep? Then I turned around to see Harry standing by my side. I got up and smiled at him

   “How was your sleep?” he asked nicely.

   “I needed it. Since you guys almost broke my door earlier today.” I responded. I walked to where the rest of the boys were. The doors revealed me London. Totally forgot how high it was. I am frightened by heights. Worst fear ever, yet I want to go sky diving.  I went down the stairs as calm as I could, even though I am pretty sure shitted my pants 100 times already. The moment my foot landed, I felt relief release throughout my whole body.  As soon as the boys got down, we hopped into the car and left.

   We arrived at a huge mansion as the gates opened to let us in. After we parked in front, we got out as I was amazed of how big it was. Why am I amazed?

   “Earth to Rebecka.” Niall waved his hands in front of me. Then I came back to earth.

   “So sorry for that,” I apologized.

   “No worries,” Niall replied.  We walked in leaving the door open for as they brought the things in. “You are going to take the guest’s room.” I nodded, now where is that?  “I’ll show you,” He walked in front of me for me to follow him up the stairs. Why are there so many stairs? I am already exhausted after just taking a few steps. Now I know what to do. We finally made it. He opened the door as he revealed a precious room.  The bed was huge with fluffy gold and white comforters with an arched headboard that had golden colored branches connect at the middle. What beauty. Then to the right was a small sofa with a table beside it. Then there was a dresser right in front of the bed with a little stool. Can this get any better? So glad they are off tour. Thank God that I’m taking a year off college. No doubt that I will fall asleep on this heaven life mattress.

   “Thanks,” I said. He nodded and left the room as others entered with my luggage. This is going to be great. I closed the door behind him. I looked at the bed and formed a smile. I ran towards it, jumped as high as I could and landed safely on it. Success, success.



All The Love,

Ariel London


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