Girl Meets the New Different

Riley Matthews is the daughter of Corey and Topanga, the world's favorite and most perfect couple, so why is she so awkward with tho whole love thing? #Rucas


1. Prologue

DISCLAIMER!- I do not own Girl Meets World, I only own the plot and possibly a few characters you'll meet along the way. (We'll see!) I hope you enjoy!


     Riley knew that everything was changing. She knew things would never be the same. Come to think of it Riley knew a lot if things, but what she didn't know was if she liked the change or not. Riley always thought there was a good type of change and a bad kind. Riley loved the good kind of change like when a new friend comes along or when a test gets postponed. Most of the time, though in Riley's eyes change was the bad kind, like when her pet hermitt crab died when she was 6.  In Riley's opinion, deciding whether change is good or bad is determined by whether or not you were happy with the circumstances before hand. Riley thought about her life before the "undetermined change" started happening. Was she happy with it? And with that Riley began her walk down memory lane.  


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