The Best Text

Kitty Kent was a normal teenage girl. She had a best friend and a crush, and she sort of likes school secretly. But one night she receives a text. A text that she replies to. A text that changes her life forever.



"Its not as if you haven't liked anyone before" I purred as Laura walked briskly at my side. "Yes but it wasn't Derek!" She shook her head. "Can you not slow down?" I walked faster. "What's so bad about him?" Laura sighed and pulled at my backpack, making me stop. "Everything. Kitty May Kent. Everything."  I pushed her away and fumbled around in my coat pocket looking for my locker key. "Whatever I like him" I found the key and stuck it in the door. "Your mistake" And with that Laura walked off. I laughed and pulled out my gym kit and car keys.  I really liked Derek Fidry. And as soon as I had the guts to tell someone this happened. No wonder I had trust issues. I slammed shut my locker and walked towards exit door. "Hello Kitty! No more sixth-form today?" Mrs Willow walked past. "Nope" I chirped past and rolled my eyes once she had left. I quickly opened the door to my new mini and got inside. I was happier once I had hit the road, and was watching the world pass by in a flash while listening to old songs by Kelly Clarkson. I arrived at my house and my phone went crazy from snap chat and I-messages that I couldn't receive without Wi-Fi. I got into my room and threw my bag onto the floor. I flopped onto my bed and opened the message's that I expected to be from Laura. Most off them were her being very stupid and trying to get me to respond. There was one text from an unknow ID.


UNKNOW USER- Me and my friend fell out too

Me- Who is this?

UNKNOW USER- A very sexy boy

Me- *arrogant. Go away 

UNKNOW USER-Your cute when you get angry

Me- What's your name?

UNKNOW USER-Curious are we?

Me- Seriously

UNKNOW USER- Cole but call me darling

Me- I don't know you

Cole- You should! You'd like me, and your friend

Me- I would hate you

Cole- Awe come on. Not a bit of Cole touch?

Me- Eww no #creepy

Cole-Most girls start flirting at this point

Me- I'm not most girls

Cole- Ik Kitty

Me- I never told you my name

Cole- I knew it anyway

Me-Your weird

Cole- I'm sexy

Me- Stop being stupid af

Cole-I like u

Me- We haven't met

Cole- Would you like to?

Me- No

Cole- Whyy :(

Me- Because your an arrogant and I don't know you. How did you even get my number?

Cole- Because I get what I want ;)

Me- You didn't get me

Cole- How do you know I wanted you?

Me- UGH you don't know me.

Cole- Shortish, dark brown long hair, blue eyes and cute freckles

Me- Ok that was the creepiest thing you've done so far

Cole- Girls shiver at my touch

Me- IM going to stop replying now

Cole- Speak tomorrow cutie


Cutie had he even seen me? I bet Cole was the stupid one night stand down at the bar. Not ever texting him again. Laura had demanded to stay over that night, so I switched on Gogglebox and got out the popcorn and her blankets. "I smell popcorn!" She exclaimed as I opened the door. "Well done Sherlock. No Finely tonight?" She shook her head. She planted herself onto my couch. "Your mum in?" I laughed. "Drink?" I asked. "Water mi love" I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a small whiskey. "You hate Gogglebox" Laura said as I gave her water. "You don't" I picked up my phone and played Mr Jump. A message came through.


Cole-I hate Gogglebox as well cutie ;)


A/N- Hey everyone, what you thinking about Cole and the first chapter of the Best Text! ;)

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