Escape from Reality

Jess is a normal 17 year old girl living a normal 17 year old girl's life. Her best friend Tori, is a little less than normal and is obsessed with bands. When Tori's dream comes true she drags Jess along for the ride.


1. Chapter One

"Tori." I groaned. I looked at the clock. 7:03. "What are you doing?" I blinked out the sleep in my eyes. I looked over at my best friend sitting on her laptop playing music that was loud enough to disturb me in my slumber. 

"I'm listening and waiting." 

"Waiting for what?" I asked her. I might as well try to sound interested.

"You know that band I'm obsessed with?" I stare at her.

"Which one?" She laughs to herself.

"5 Seconds of Summer."

"Oh that one." I have no idea which one that is. I look around her room for a poster. She looks at me and smiles and points up. There are two posters of them. I look back at her and laugh. She turns back to her computer so all I can see is her hair. It is blue on the top and then goes into an ombre with green. She pulls it off well. My hair is a natural ombre with my natural dark brown on the top and fading into blonde. Our hair is the same length and falls right above our hip bones. 

"So you said you were waiting." I say. She snaps back to reality and looks at me.

"Well they just got off there first tour that lasted over the summer and are going back to school. They said something about moving to a new school and something about staying at their first one."

"Which do we want?" I ask. I support all of her crazy band stalking so I guess we are in it together.

"We want them to move." So we wait there all morning. And then all afternoon. And then half the night until I have to return home and prepare for our first day of school tomorrow.

"I guess we will find out tomorrow." I tell her. She looks worn down from all the waiting.

"I guess."

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