Not easy, being the sister of a werewolf

Sam is Scott's older sister. If she and her friends find the Hale House, they've no idea what adventure they began...


1. Scott's older sister

"Hey Sam." Stiles said as he entered the house. I don't even look up. "He's upstairs." I said as I keep on reading. With "he' I mean my younger brother, Scott McCall. Stiles is his best friend. He is here almost every day. "You're the best sam." Stiles shouts as he runs to Scott's room. Scott and I have a great connection, but we have some small fights from time to time. My friend Lucy called me. "I'm going to be home alone, so time for a sleep-over. Miranda and Fleur are coming as well." "I'll be there in 10'." I said and hung up the Phone. "Where are you going?" "To Lucy's, kiddo." "Don't call me kiddo, I'm not a kid anymore." whined Scott. "Then don't act like one." "Does mom knows you're going there?" Scott asked and I sighed. Mom works in the hospital, sometimes - like now - she works at night. "You're going to be grounded..." Scott sang and Stiles laughed. "If Stiles can hang out with you, sure I can hang out with my friends as well. Besides, I'm older than you, so shut up. Oh, and don't burn the house while I'm gone." "No, mother." Scott smiled and I left. It took me 10 minutes by bike. When I entered Luchy's house, Miranda and Fleur were already there. We went to Lucy's room, accompagnied by lots of food and drinks. Pillows were lying on the floor so we sat on them. "Have you heard already?" asked Miranda. "Heard what?" "The cops searched the Hale House again. They found the House, but nothing special." "How deep in the woods is that Hale House?" I asked curious." No one goes there because of the rumours. Not since the fire. "Not that deep, I guess." answered Miranda. "Perhaps we should find out." Lucy replied mysterious.

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