KABLAMO! (A Magazine)

So, I didn't think that writing a song for my 40 followers was enough. So... I decided to make a Movellas magazine. Enjoy!


1. Stuff

Welcome to the KABLAMO! Magazine!

Here we have all kinds of fun things for you. Including friendly competitions to suggested articles.

If you want to participate in any of the activities in this magazine, here are the ways how.


To get an interview, request one in the comments and I'll invite you to co-author a DRAFT Movella. In the co-author discussion I will ask you 10 questions for you to answer. 

Movella Review

To get this, comment your Movella you want reviewed below. I will have your review published within 1-7 days depending on how long it is. 

Any Competition

If I post anything about a competition. I will probably have directions on that post. Just follow those directions, and you should be fine.

Suggest An Article

Tell me what you want me to write about and I'll do it! Just suggest it in the comments with the hashtag #KAMBLAMOARTICLES

We also have: Top 3 Recommended Movellas of the Week, Top Movellians of the Month, and Top Covers of the Month.



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