The Sacred Three

The mortals are seeing. The most is failing. Three quests must set out to destroy the forces that are causing the mist to fail, and save the world... Before monsters come for the mortals, too, and Western Civilisation as we know it ends.


1. Maya Offends Half a Horse


You know, if you forget about the giant bull trying to murder me, my day was actually going pretty okay. I mean yeah, I had just found out that my dad wasn't actually my dad, and my mom wasn't actually my mom,  but at least they were still alive. Now, after the bull attack, my sister was, well, how do I say this... not.

It wasn't actually my fault, no matter what anyone says. How was I to know that I had really, really bad aim with the rifle I'd found in my parents' bedroom? At least I tried to keep us alive, unlike Ella, who just stood there panicking. I suppose I should feel bad - and I am, of course I am - but it think she at least died quickly. Oh, God, that sounds really bad, doesn't it? I bet anything that I've said all that our loud and now someone is going to come running round the corner with a set of cheap fake kid's handcuffs and yell "Citizen's arrest!" at the top of their voice.

With my luck, it is going to happen at some point.

I've never really been what you'd call 'lucky' , to be honest. When I was seven, I broke my foot during my sleep; when I was nine I fell out of a tree and into a river, and when I was eleven... No, nobody wants to hear THAT story.

My point is, by the time I get to the top of this hill 'Half-Blood Hill', I think it's what Mom said - although it was hard to hear in her panic - I'll most likely be eaten alive by flies, even though there's only about two minutes till I'm there.

It will happen, believe me.

Somehow, it doesn't - I really hope I haven't jinxed this - and I struggle over the top of the hill, looking down at the valley below as the Dragon snores lightly. Wait - Dragon?

"What the-" I shriek, taking more than a few hasty steps back, heart pounding. "Why is there a - how is - WHAT?"

The Dragon doesn't make a sound. Biting my lip, I try to creep past it slowly, before being into a run as soon as I think I'm safe. The orange blobs become people in the distance, all of them wearing matching shirts as a few turn to stare at me, the dark haired freak who is stumbling down the hill and making the worst first impression possible. 

"Are you okay?" one girl asks eventually, just in time to stop me from turning into a massive tomato.

"Yep," I say, in the most dramatic voice I can manage. "I'm dandy. Literally - I think there's a flower imbedded in my foot."

The girl laughs. "Quite an adventure, then."


"Have you been claimed yet?" sometime asks huffily, clearly bored of people being normal. 

"No idea," I say truthfully, shaking my head. "I mean, I might have, but I don't know what it means to be claimed, so, you know."

The huffy girls glares at me. "Well, I just hope you're not in Ares. We don't need a clumsy punk like you seeing off a landmine in the middle of the night."

Landmine? What kind of a place is this? Fearing an explosion, I keep quiet, because I really wouldn't enjoy being blown to death next to a strawberry field. That would be a real stupid way to go. 

"Shut up, Clarisse," the first girl says, earning her a glare. "You'll scare her away."

"Well, that would be stupid of her, it's practically a suicide."

"So is entering the Ares cabin, apparently," I mutter. Either they didn't hear me or they choose to ignore me, because the first girl is already arguing with Clarisse, who looks ready to murder someone, because yay, these people are a great bunch of friends. 

"Someone just take her to Chiron or something," says a boy with dark hair, standing next to the first girl. They look close - probably dating. "Connor, Travis, can you two get her something in Hermes for now. Preferably NOT stolen."

Great, murderers, bombs and thieves. Exactly what I need in my life. For some reason, the kids listen to the boy, and scatter away to various little cabins scattered on the grass. The girl smiles at me as she takes my arm, leading me to a house, where something that looks vaguely like a horse stands next to a guy in a Hawaiian t shirt. 

"I'm Annabeth," she says. "Head of Athena cabin." 

"Athena?" I repeat. "Like the Greek goddess who beat that other dude for Athens?"

"Yep. Exactly like that," Annabeth says, looking at the  boy who has followed us. "Oh, and 'that  other dude' happens to be his dad."

Huh? Yeah, these people might be a little more than a bit crazy. Thinking that some  guy from like five thousand years ago is some sixteen year old's dad? That's weird. 

"Posiedon," the boy informs me. 

I raise an eyebrow. "Wait, so you legit think he's your dad? And  let me guess, you're gonna say Athena' s your mom, because of that cabin thing? And those kids in Ares  cabin - they think the God of war is their dad?"

"No, he is their dad, just like Athena is my mom," Annabeth corrects.

"You're all crazy," I decide. "From the landmines to the parents."

"And what about your parents?"

Dam, that got me. "I - I don't know. I don't - I didn't  live with my real parents. My real parents are both dead."

Annabeth and th  boy exchange a glance. "One of them isn't. One of them is a God."

"You guys are completely crazy!" I say, turn in  to walk away, but stopping suddenly as an arm grabs me. 

"No. They are not." His eyes are warm, but still intimidating. His grey hair is a little curly and -

Great. I think I may have just offended half a horse.

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