A Bit Of Love

I was looking at the dogs that are available at the southwest humane society just to pass the time, and I saw one that made my heart melt like a chocolate kiss in summer. So now I'm gonna write a story about him, and how he found a home.


1. 1.

I looked around me and all I could see were dogs. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors, with all different backgrounds. I don't know mine, because I've been here as long as I remember. 'Here' is Loveday Humane Society, in Canada.  Their is no love here, no matter the name. The food is stale and has no taste, the water tastes like metal, and we have no beds in our cages, so we have to sleep on the cold, plastic floor. There is no heat or air conditioning, so its always either too hot or too cold. The wires of the cages are electric, so you cant touch the sides of the cage or you'll get a shock. Just three months ago I got one on my nose. It hurt like hell and lasted for several days, and I haven't taken one step towards that wall of the cage since. I pushed away my food, I cant take another bite of that horrible stuff, even if I was starving. Not that I'm complaining. 


The people who come here to adopt dogs actually leave with one because they feel sorry for us. But not many people come here every year, so only a few dogs get adopted. I guess the only thing we've got going for us is the fact that this is a no-kill society. I'd be dead by now if it was. I've been here for nearly two years now, and I'm almost two and a half years old. I laid my head down and watched the door, hoping for someone to finally take me out of this place, but nothing happened and I turned away, shivering. I was freezing, even with all my fluff. I'm a Pomeranian, and with my big fluffy coat you can obviously tell what kind of dog I am. 


My name is E-22, or at least that's what the owner of this sad joint calls me. His name is Morty. He is big, and fat, and he has a gigantic black beard and a bald, shiny head. I've never heard him laugh or say anything nice to anyone, and whenever he talks his voice booms and echo's around the room. And he's always angry. Its scary, and almost as frightening as thunder. We are all afraid of thunder and lightning, that is, all of us except Mikado. He isn't afraid of anything. He is the king dog, a Doberman Pinscher amongst us tiny terriers. Mikado belongs to Morty, and he is in charge of stopping us from escaping. Believe me, every one of us have tried once or twice, and Mikado always put a stop to it.


Just then the door swung open with a creak and booming footsteps sounded. I turned my head to see Morty and Mikado leading a tall man with a big green hat and red and green raincoat into the room. " I'm looking for a puppy for my daughter for Christmas, a nice small dog will do." Said the man in a kind voice. So it was Christmas time? No wonder it was so cold, it was practically the middle of winter! " How about this little guy?" He said, pointing to me. I sat strait up, tail wagging, ignoring a growl from Mikado. Was I finally going home? " You don't want him. He's been here much too long. A dog is a big hassle you know." Said Morty. What was he doing? " I suppose your right." Said the man, " maybe we aren't ready for a dog. I'll get her a doll or something instead. Maybe next year." 


And with that he left. Wait! I thought. Take me with you! But it was too late, he was gone. I was never going home, I probably should have known that after being here for so long. I rested my head and listened to the sound of barking, and meowing. In the room next to us is the cats room. I went in there once, it was horrible. The cats all hissed at me and tried to scratch at me from their cages. I give up, I thought, I'm never going home. One hour later the door swung open again. I lifted my head, hoping the man had come back to take me home, but it wasn't him. In walked about ten or twelve other men instead. " Alright guys, start moving every thing out. We have all these cages to go." Said one with a head full of curly blond hair and freckles all over. One by one they started to pick up the cages with their gloved hands and moving them outside. What's going on?, I wondered as one of the guys picked up my cage. This guy was fat like Marty, but he only had a small beard. And he smelled like bacon. Yum!


I wagged my tail to show him that I was friendly. He only gave me brief glance. When we got outside I was surprised to see it hadn't snowed. I took a look at the writing on the side of the truck and saw it read BILLY'S MOVING CO. in big letters. We were moving? I hope the new place is better than this one. I thought. I looked at the man that was carrying me, and whimpered. He looked down on me once more and did something I never would have suspected him to do. " Good luck buddy." he said and threw the cage as far as he could towards the gate. As the cage flew through the air I got stung in several places. But then it didn't matter, the cage door swung open and I dashed out, headed for the front gate. Several of the guys ran to block my way and I tried to run faster. Made it!


I could hear shouting behind me. " What the heck man! You let him get away on purpose!" Shouted on of the men that had tried to block me. " He knows where he's going-" I don't hear the rest of the words by the man who dropped me. Or threw me? I wasn't sure. But that didn't matter. I was on my way!

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