The betrothal to him caused some slight changes in what I thought my feelings were gonna be. See what you get for thinking.


2. The meeting

     I woke up the next morning at 8:30. I hadn't packed at all the night before and I was still angry at my parents. So I got out of bed put on my slippers and started packing. I packed a weeks worth of clothes, my hair brush, my toothbrush and other items I might need. After I got dressed, I went down stairs to see what was for breakfast. Pancakes, bacon and eggs. I sat down and ate my breakfast while the carriage was being loaded. My mother and father came down right I was finishing my breakfast and going to check on Lizzy. She was outside in the porch and was happy to see me. My parents got ready and ate their breakfast. We left at 9:30. We were riding in the carriage for about 2 hours before we finally made it to the prince's house. My parents were excited but I on the other hand was dreading this moment. As we stepped out of the carriage, 2 butlers and a maid walked down the steps of the estate. They started unloading the bags and the maid showed me to my room. "The prince will be in here soon. His parents are excited to meet you and your parents. My name is Rose. And yours is…?" She asked. "Oh my name is Sonia, but you can call me Sonny." I said. "Well Sonny while you stay here I will be serving you," Rose said. "Well thank you," I said. I sat in the room, reading, for thirty minutes before Rose came to get me. I followed her out to the garden where I sat at a little picnic table waiting for the prince. As I waited I looked around the garden. Every flower I have ever seen was there. There were orchids, roses, tulips, lilacs, snapdragons, and many more. As I was looking around I noticed someone walking down the walk way. "It has to be the prince. With the way he is dressed he doesn't seem to be bratty or snotty, so that's good but he still could be clingy." I thought to myself. He sat down across from me at the table. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting," he said. "Oh it's ok I was just admiring your garden. It's quite lovely," I said. "Why thank you aren't you kind," he said. "I'm sorry I forgot to ask, what is your name again?" He said. "Oh my name is Sonia but I prefer Sonny, and your name is…?" I said. "My name is prince Edward Johnson." He told me. " what a wonderful name," I complimented. "Yours is a cool name, also," he replied. We had lunch and tea in the garden for about half an hour before we finally said our goodbyes and went inside. 

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