A Magical Life (Magical trilogy book #3)

After their last visit to Hogwarts, Alex and Kyle's lives changed a lot. They have new people in their lives now. People who are new to this world, people who belong to them; their kids.
They have also lost some of their friends, which has been really hard for them.
Now, what awaits their children as they get into Hogwarts - or do they?


1. Job








I fixed my shirt for the fifth time now and took a last look in the mirror.

“Do you think I look good enough?” I asked.

Sirius, who was lying on our bed facing me, his both hands under his chin said;

“For the millionth time sweetie, you look stunning. But then again you always look so to me, so you should probably ask someone else, someone who hates you. Someone like… like my mother.” He said grinning.

“Sirius!” I said, laughing. “I bet she would’ve adored me if she only met me.”

“Oh, yeah.. yeah she definitely would.” He said sitting up.

“You’re being sarcastic aren’t you? Well maybe we should make a family gathering and, you know, we’ll meet her and everything.” I said.

“In the family tree wall, I already have a bullet in my head. You want me to meet her again so she can put a bullet in our both real heads too?”

“Well it’s a tempting offer and I can’t say no to that.” We both laughed. “God, you’re getting me late with all this talk! I can’t even decide if I look good enough or not, how could I decide whether to marry you or not?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Actually, I believe it was one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. And the most right one too.” I laughed at that and bent down to give him a kiss.

“With all this nervousness, you’re the only thing keeping me sane.”

“Ally, stop being nervous. They’ll love you.”

“I don’t need their love, I need the job.”

“You’ll get the job. Just be as confident as you were the first day you gave us a Muggles Studies class.” I smiled at that and nodded.

“Alright.” I said taking a deep breath. “I’ll get the job.” I said more to myself.




"Absolutely not.” Said one of the men who worked in the ministry of Magic. “How can we let a muggle work with us? Haven’t you seen the sculpture in the first floor? Wasn’t it clear that that’s where the Muggles belong?” 

The sculpture basically showed that the Muggles are like slaves for the wizards, which was quite an encouraging thing for me as half a muggle to see the moment I entered the ministry. I ignored him.

“But sir, technically, I am not a Muggle. I’m half a witch. I can do anything a witch can. I’m a witch, and as much as it wouldn’t have made me less proud, I am not a Muggle. I am half a muggle.” I explained. He shook his head. So far, he’s the only one who doesn’t want me to get the job, but I fear he might make an effect on the others and cause them to change their minds. “Look, sir. The Ministry of Magic has already decided what to do about me a long time ago. They decided I should be accepted as a witch and dealt with just like any other witch. They chose to accept me in Hogwarts for a whole year, where I learned everything I could related to magic and so became a better witch. And besides, even if I were a muggle I would have been able to do the job."

“Are you saying that the job doesn’t require effort?”

“I’m saying … that I can do it effortlessly. Because it’s related to Muggles, besides, me being half a Muggle should be a beneficial thing for the job, I can help you with information.”

The man’s lips shrank, as if he was lost for words. Then he finally said.

“Fine. But you should show us that you really deserve the job.”

Oh my God. I got the job. If they could only hear that I was screaming and jumping in the inside.

“Thank you so much, sir. You won’t be disappointed by this decision.” I said, professionally.




“Oh my God! So you got the job?” Kyle was screaming on phone.

“Mhmm.” I breathed as I added some salt to the meal I was cooking.

“Woah. Shit just got real.” He sighed then. I can't believe he still say such things, you'd say he grew up, but no. I guess we'll always be teenagers. “So when do you think we can meet?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Probably when you finally get the guts to propose to Clara.”

“Come on Ally, you know it’s not an easy thing. It’s not that I don’t want to marry her, God I’ve been dreaming of this moment forever, but it’s just that we live in different places.”

“Yeah, I get that. But you’ll eventually have to move to the UK. I mean, think about the future, what if your future kids turned out to be wizards, wouldn’t you want them to go to Hogwarts?”

“When think about it this way, I would surely want that. But what if they were muggles? Should I leave all my life here behind for something that I'm not sure will come true? And besides, there's Ilvermorny here.”

“But is it better than Hogwarts? Also, you’re asking the girl who would have left her beloved mother to ensure the future of her still not existing children – so, yeah.” He laughed at that. “I think it’s worth it, Kyle.”

“I just can’t believe how lucky you are sometimes. Even your mother married a British guy, how would you know how hard it is for me?”

“I can imagine. And don’t drive my luck away with your words; I’m happy I have it. Anyway, I gotta go. Propose soon and move to the UK, or I’ll kill you. It’ll be better for everyone. One moment of courage can change your life forever to the best.”

“Will do, propose I mean. Take care.”

I sighed. What if he decided to stay in the USA? It would kill me to live apart from him. Kyle and I have always been inseparable, it’s crazy. For God’s sake we’re like a brother and a sister and how can a sister be away from her brother? We were parted for months when I spent a year at Hogwarts and it made us miss each other like crazy. How can I live away from him forever?

My marriage’s recent, so I don’t have any kids yet. I would love to have some one day, I love kids, but not now, it can wait.

Our marriage wasn’t a shock for anybody, it’s like they all knew all along we planned to get married right after I graduated from university. The first couple to get married was Lily and James though. They didn’t make a huge wedding or anything, it was simple and nice.  

Just as I always thought, the food in Remus and Max’s wedding was delicious. I knew it would be so because Max has a thing for good food, she says it’s the most important thing in any event. They only married a couple of weeks after we did.

Everything’s changed. We’re getting older, our relationships are getting more serious by the days. Life’s getting more serious. Everything is. It feels like yesterday I was taking my first steps to Cambridge High School and now I have a job in the wizarding world and I’m married to the guy I deeply love. And people still don’t believe in magic!





~Author's note~

Hey guys!! If you're reading this, it means that I've finally did it and managed to write the third book in the trilogy! I hope you all like it just as much as you liked the other books. 
I'm not completely done with it, but hopefully, I will be some day. 

I chose to publish this first chapter as a promise for you and to give you a glimpse of the third and final book. 

Before you start reading I should tell you an important note, I know I made some changes to the Harry Potter books in the other books but you will find more of them here because this book takes time at the same time it does in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/ Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire so when you find some changes, remember that they're not mistakes but were done on purpose to make a nice story. Don't freak out! I didn't do any major changes because I'd hate to change the Harry Potter books, the changes I made were minor. After all it's a fanfiction book and the point in fanfictions are a bit of changes. These changes make the book mine after all. 

I hope you like it. And enjoy your reading. 


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