There's a lot of drama in Naomi's life. About the new guy Leo, the friends Jenny and Zoe. But a bitch like Jessica is clearly gonna ruin Leo and her. And in Naomi's private life. her body is beginning to annoy her. Is she gonna be smart or is she gonna follow her fat body, and starve herself to death?

- This is a very brutal sorry about a fight though Anorexia.


5. Chapter 4

"I promis.. I'm fine" I said and sat up. "I want you to know that you can trust me sis" He gave me a short hug, then rushed out of the room. I'm tired, i should probably go to sleep now.

The sun were shining through my curtains in my room. A sweet orange was spread on the walls and gave the room a fresh morning color. "Get up sunshine!" Mom shouted from down stairs. "Breakfast soon!" She shouted again. I turned around in the bed, waiting for my eyes to properly open. I feel like I haven't slept all night. I forced myself to sit up, slowly, very slowly. Then stood up and walked over to my closet, what should I wear? What should i wear? I picked out son clothes and put it on my chair beside of me. Should I take the blue sweater? The black shirt or the purple one? Uhm.. I think I'll go with the black one. And now the pants, let's just take the ocean blue jeans, they are kind of the only pants I can fit for now.

After taking on my clothes, I went into the bathroom to get makeup on. I leaned in in front of the mirror, my eyes was shining a light green with some yellow in it. My lips was puffy and nude. I put on some mascara, because they made my eyes look bigger and more pretty, then some quick lipgloss, in the not pink color, but a nude light pink. Then I just threw my hair back in a ponytail and went back downstairs.

"Breakfast is ready, sit down." My mom said and was about to fill our glasses with orange juice. There was scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. My favorite kind of breakfast. I took the toast, put two pieces of toast on my plate, then got the eggs, took a good spoon of them and some bacon. I was a bout to make my favorite breakfast sandwich. Took a big bite of the bacon and placed the toast in the middle, then put all the eggs on the toast and finished the amazing sandwich with bacon as topping. Right before I was about to stick my fork and knife into the food I looked around at the table, they were all eating, but my mom, the was sitting at the other site with a blaming stare at me. I looked down at my food and again and begun eating.

After finishing my plate felt my stomach, not quite filled yet. Reached for another piece of toast, "no! Sweetie I think you have got enough now. And there should be for the boys too, right?" She said, not that quiet again, I looked at her. This time my brothers just stared down into their food. I slowly leaned back in my chair and drank of my orange juice.

"I need to go now. Thanks for the breakfast mom. But school you know.." Oliver said and punched James on his shoulder, "yeah, I'm gonna go too. " James said with his mouth filled with eggs. "Me too" I pushed my chair back, took my bag and went out of the door.

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