There's a lot of drama in Naomi's life. About the new guy Leo, the friends Jenny and Zoe. But a bitch like Jessica is clearly gonna ruin Leo and her. And in Naomi's private life. her body is beginning to annoy her. Is she gonna be smart or is she gonna follow her fat body, and starve herself to death?

- This is a very brutal sorry about a fight though Anorexia.


24. chapter 23

The cop came over to me "You can go now" he said, "what.." I mumbled, "Ms, someone payed you ransom" she said and walked away. I stood up, it was almost four in the morning. I almost couldn't keep my eyes open my eyes. I looked at Leo as I walked away, he called at me. I ran outside where I saw angel stand beside her car, "you paid me out" I said and gave her a hug. "You have mascara everywhere, you have cried! let's go home to my place, shall me. Then we'll take you home tomorrow when you aren't drunk". "It's Leo.." I cried "Let's talk about it tomorrow. Get in the car and try not to puke in it." She laughed and help me fasten my seatbelt. Leo's still in there, he's still waiting for someone to pick him up. I wish I could tell him about the paper, but it's just to risky. He could tell my parents, or everyone else I know. And rumours about me fasting and skipping dinner to stay thinner is gonna explode over my school. And I won't we invisible anymore. I would be bullied. And all I've learned from high school, is that no one is bulletproof.. We can all fall. And someone even harder. When Angel stopped I almost tripped out of her car. Tried to balance my way into her house. "You have your own house?" I asked and almost fell over her step to the door. "Mhm.." She answered and hold me up as I walked. "Just take off your clothes and you can sleep in the guest room, here" she pointed at the door to the right for me. "Oh, thanks" I said and walked inside the little room. There was painted a light brown on the walls, a bed with a lot of pillows and stuff on it, beside the bed there was a little night table with a lamp. I clicked on it and a sharp yellow light shined up the room. I threw my self on the bed and started taking off my shoes then my pants, and my jacket. Angel knocked on the door and put a trashcan beside my bed. Then closed the door again. I felt dizzy, everything was spinning. The bed was spinning and I could feel the drinks was on its way up again. I leaned over the trashcan, started throwing up. Could hear Angel coming from downstairs. She ran into the room and held my hair, "it's over soon sweetie." She whispered and took away a piece of my hair. I feel like I'm about to die. Like I'm gonna throw everything up. I leaned back. She wiped my sweat away with a cold wet towel. "Try to get some sleep." She said and took the trashcan with her out. I looked up at the roof.

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