There's a lot of drama in Naomi's life. About the new guy Leo, the friends Jenny and Zoe. But a bitch like Jessica is clearly gonna ruin Leo and her. And in Naomi's private life. her body is beginning to annoy her. Is she gonna be smart or is she gonna follow her fat body, and starve herself to death?

- This is a very brutal sorry about a fight though Anorexia.


11. Chapter 10

School is done and today I met a guy I really liked, then I of cause have to ruin every good thing and screw it all up. Opened the door to my house, "I'm home!" I yelled, there was nobody home. Oh I'm starving, could feel my stomach scream for food. But I have to pee first, before I do it in my jeans. Dropped my bag on the kitchen table and went out to the bathroom. Then, saw the weight standing in the corner beside the bath, walked slowly over to it. Started deadly at it. Took off my clothes, one by one. Then when I only had Bra and panties on I slowly stepped up on the weight. Closet my eyes. Opened them slightly and saw the result. Lost my breath, could feel the tears in my eyes pressing on.

I couldn't control it, I started crying like crazy. My whole body were shaking. This can't be true, I can't .. No this is not right! "Fuck! Fuck shit fuck fuck!!" I whispered and took fast my clothes on. Ran back down to my kitchen where I left my bag. Looked at the fright, could still feel the hunger in my. I was starving. But suddenly, I didn't feel that hungry anymore. Took my back and ran upstairs to my room. Sat on my bed and took my phone up. Looked at the contact Daniel gave me. I'm not gonna talk to him. Called Zoe. "Hello, it's Zoe?" Took a deep breath and said, "Zoe, it's Naomi, I really need to talk. I fucked up" I whispered into my phone, "I'll be over in five, by the way. I think Jenny is really mad at you?" She answered. My heart stopped, why is Jenny mad at me? "Let's talk about that when your here. " I said and closed the call.

It took about eight to ten minutes before she was here. It rang on the door and I hurried downstairs.

She stood in the door and looked at me, "Leo?" She asked and gave me her bag. "I feel like this is gonna take a while" she said. I took her bag upstairs to my room. We sat down at me bed. "I screwed up Zoe! It was going amazing with Leo, but then I smashed into Daniel, and he gave me his number! Then.." She stopped me, "wait, Daniel? From math? What are you doing? Jenny likes him!" She yelled and looked very surprised. "Like I don't know that! That's why I'm FREAKING OUT! But when Daniel gave me his number, I saw Leo was staring at us? Maybe he likes me! And he thought the wrong ring with me and Daniel? That can't happen! Not now! So after I ran away from Daniel, i tried to talk to Leo, and he was about to ask if I wanted to hang out after school, but I screwed up so he walked away and Jessica came and asked him to ha g out later! He said yes.. " I said and could feel the tears again. "Wow, Sweetie, I understand. But first thing first, let's get it cleared out. You are in love with Leo?" She asked. "Well.. I don't know! I'm so confused!" I said and tried to exhale and inhale slowly. "Let a just say you do. And why are you so threatened by Jessica? She's a bitch? No one like her, she's a Barbie!" She said. "That's exactly why I am threatened by her, she's a Barbie, and who doesn't like perfect girls! She's pretty, skinny as fuck and have that long blond hair! She's literally perfect."

I was talking very fast. Zoe looked at me, then gave me a hug and said calmly: "don't worry Naomi. Everything is gonna turn out to be fine, it's just a little drama. And it's gonna go away. Just wait and see. But now. You and Jenny?" I looked at her, I honestly have no freaking idea why she's mad at me, seriously! "Well, I don't know! What's she tell you?" I asked and took her hands, "she said, that you behaved like bitch? I don't exactly how or why? But I think you can fix it? Just say sorry to her.." She said. "Okay. Thanks, God your the best, love you so much!" I yelled and gave her a big hug. Zoe is like the best friend in the world. Whenever get in a fight, and she has always keep a secret. I wish that everybody was like Zoe.

Later on that day, I had time to think. Should I go talk to Leo? Well I don't even know his number? I should have asked him while I could? No I have no idea how to get contact with him. There's only one way. Jessica. I took my phone and texted her: *I honestly don't wanna ask this. And don't misunderstand me, I still don't like you. But I need this, so give me Leo's number. * and sent it. I know she's gonna bug my about this. I waited for about two minutes or something before she texted back. *oh, what really makes you think I would give you his number? And yes. I have it, Hate you too. - Jess* God.. What did I even expect? She's still a bitch and she probably isn't gonna chance.

Then I've only got the choice to wait for torrid and make it up to Leo.

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