All the World's a Stage

“All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players…”


25. XXV

~~“I shall desire you of more acquaintance, good Master Cobweb.”

Winter break seemed to fly by and, soon, the Shakespeare Society was in session, again. Juliet stood at the front, looking as tired as ever, but still managing to smile. “We have a new recruit, today.” She indicated a boy with bright orange hair and freckles. He sat, stiffly, looking as though he was trying to become invisible. “Have you decided on a name?” He spoke, softly, so no one could hear and Juliet frowned. “I’m sorry, could you speak up, a bit?”
The boy took a deep breath and said, just loud enough to be heard, “Cobweb.”
She smiled at him. “Very good, Cobweb. Welcome to the society. Now, to our first order of business: I decided we should do a spring play, this year. I know we usually only do one in the fall and let the club have the spring, but, after the pranks during our show, I don’t see any reason to be so cordial.” The group looked around, but decided they agreed.
“What play will we be doing?” Romeo asked. He hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to her, yet, and he was trying to break the ice.
“Well, I was thinking we might do a tragedy, since we did a comedy last semester and the club is certain to do the same.” She replied, offering him a small smile. “I was thinking Macbeth would be a good one.” The group nodded their agreement and she felt a wave of relief that everything seemed to be going smoothly. “Alright, we’ll plan on holding auditions next week, then. Make sure to sign up for the parts you want.”

Down the hall, the Shakespeare Club was busy making plans for their play, as well as their next improv show. Katherine and Lysander sat beside each other, clearly having spent the break working out their new relationship.
Oberon smiled as he watched them, glad that Puck’s plan had worked out so well. He had worried when he’d agreed to help out, but all was well that ended well.
“So, based on a suggestion by our vice president, I will have you sign up for the skits you want in the improv show, as well as the parts you’re auditioning for in our play.” Don John announced. He disliked how much organizing was required, but he knew it was part of being president. “I will have the sign-in sheet for the improv show in here, next week. Today, we have the sheet for the play, which will be Twelfth Night.” The group nodded their approval at the choice and he continued. “I expect everybody to audition. We need to work hard and make sure our play is better than the lame one the society did last semester.”
They voiced their agreement and everyone got up to pick their parts as the meeting was adjourned.

At the end of the society’s meeting, Puck walked over to Cobweb and grinned at him. “You made an interesting choice in your name. I like it.”
“Thanks.” He mumbled, a little uncomfortable.
“I’m Puck, by the way.” He informed him. “So what part are you signing up for?”
“Probably, just a small one.” Cobweb shrugged. “I saw the play last semester and I really liked it, so I decided to join the society. I’m not really a very good actor.”
“I’m sure that’s not true.” Puck grinned. “I’m going to audition for one of the witches.”
“Of course, you are.” Titania commented, joining the conversation after she signed up. She didn’t really care what part she got in this play. She just wanted to be a part of it. “Please, don’t let our resident imp scare you. He’s generally harmless.” She smiled at the boy. “I’m Titania, by the way.”
He nodded. “I saw you both in the play. You were really good.” He looked towards the door, where a girl with strawberry blonde hair waited. He smiled at her and gave a little wave, before looking back at the pair. “That’s my sister. I should be going.” He took off, quickly.
Titania watched him go, until she was standing alone with Puck. “Strange kid.”
Puck grinned. “I like him. He’s like a timid puppy.”
She laughed. “You have issues.”
He shrugged and put his name next to a few parts, then added Cobweb’s name to the title role. He turned back to Titania with a grin. “Shall we be off?”
“Don’t think I didn’t see what you did.” She told him, as they headed out. “He’s not going to be happy.”
“It’s his own fault for not signing up.” Puck replied, undaunted. “This will teach him a lesson.”


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