Worth It

Two girls meet online and wait two years to meet each other.
After they meet, the find people along the way and realize it was Worth It. // Original product of Olivia Turner and FlyLikeADove. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


3. Kameron 3

"And you are?" The one drenched in water looked at me.

"I'm Kameron." The other one with a brunette quiff looked up.

"Really? My names Cameron.." He smiled.

"Well, mine has a K so.."

"Oh.. Well, it's still cool."

I shrugged and felt eyes on me. I looked back to the boy drenched with water.

"What's your name?"

"This here is Hayes.. Who is now seventeen." Cameron smacked his back and Hayes flinched at the contact.

"Oh.. We'll we're not seventeen.." I looked over at Brooke.

"How old?"

"Officially, we are sixteen." Brooke stated and smiled.

We stood in silence for a bit.

"Kam?" My mother walked out.

I turned and they guys awkwardly got back to what they were doing.

"Mom? What?"

"You weren't in your room. I heard talking out here.. Did-did I interrupt something?"

I looked over my shoulder to the other balcony where they were talking to a camera. I sighed and faced my mom again. "No. Not really."

I grabbed Brooke by the wrist and brought her back into my room following my mom down to eat.

"So.. How are we gonna celebrate?" I asked as we sat down on my couch with some Chinese takeout.

"We could hang out on the beach?" I nodded at her suggestion and we finished our food with an episode of Criminal Minds.

I raced Brooke up to m-our room, since she would be staying for a couple months.

I put a pink and blue floral with a white background, fit and flare tankini on. Now, you may be thinking 'tankini? ew' but fit and flare tankinis are cute.

I grabbed my white sandals and sunglasses. Brooke had a peach string bikini with the same colored fringe shaped into a triangle hanging from the cups of her top.

I smiled as she put on some black sandals and a sun had with a black ribbon.

"I absolutely love your style oh my God." I grabbed a towel for myself and one for Brooke.

We walked to the front door. I expected my mom to ask where we were going but she was too busy talking on the phone. 

We walked down the hallway and waited for the elevator. It took a couple minutes and we made our way down to the small lobby.

I opened the door to my car and Brooke stopped. I looked up at her.


"You don't have your license.."

"So? You and I are the only ones that know that.." I got in and she groaned, getting in the passenger seat.

It took us about thirty minutes to get there.

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