Worth It

Two girls meet online and wait two years to meet each other.
After they meet, the find people along the way and realize it was Worth It. // Original product of Olivia Turner and FlyLikeADove. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


15. Kameron 15

We all decided we should go out and get some lunch.

I followed Hayes near the table.

I was going to sit next to him but he sat down in between Taylor and Shawn.

I had to sit in between Brooke and Johnson.

We ordered and the food came rather quickly.

"Do you need anything?" I looked over to Johnson.


"Like did they forget anything with your meal?"

I smiled.

"No, but thanks."

"Is it hot enough?"

I nodded and took a bite.

I had gotten a Chicken Parmesan Penini.

"You should squeeze some lemon on there. It tastes great. Here I'll ask for some."

"She's fine."

I looked over at Hayes, who was sitting across from me.

"I was just getting her lemons, dude."

"She doesn't need lemons, dude.."

I made eye contact with Taylor, then looked at Hayes, and then to Taylor again.

They kept talking, or arguing, however you want to put it.

"Guys!" I looked at both of them as Taylor made them shut up.

The rest of the lunch was awkwardly silent.

Hayes drove me here, so I was prepared for an awkward ride home.

I was laughing at a story Brooke was telling me, when Hayes walked up and grabbed my arm, pulling me to his car.

He opened my door and told me to get in.

"Calm down.. God.." I mumbled, jerking my arm from his grip and getting in.

He slammed my door and walked to his side.

He paused before turning on his car.

"Don't ever let him, or anyone else, flirt with you like that."

"Flirting?!" I raised my eyebrows.

He closed his eyes and sighed.


"Hayes, he wanted me to try what I was eating with a little lemon!"

He looked at me.

"I mean it wasn't like he was asking me on a date.." I mumbled and looked out the window.

"Can you just stop?!"

"Stop what?" I looked at him.

"Acting like everything's okay!"

"I mean, everything, to me, is absolutely fine.. Johnson is a friend..."

"That better be all he is." He started the car and sped out of the parking lot.

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