Getting left behind.

Kate is a young scientist, who spends her nights alone with netflix. When she and her team invents a way to travel through time, she hopes to meet a man from the future. But then she spends more time with Charlie, a member of her team, and everything changes. Distater strucks and she can't leave Charlie behind alone... Will she ever be able to get back home?


2. A time far from now

I wake up from my alarm beeping loud and clear. I smile a little and lift myself from my bed. The only reason I don't care about getting up, is because today I will conqour time itself! I brush my teeth and tie my hair into the usual bun. We have special suits we have to wear in the machine, so I just wear some sweatpants and a hoodie. We aren't aloud to take any possesions with us, so I guess I am as prepared as I can possibly be. Outside my appartment is a taxi sent for me, nothing smart like a limo, but I guess it will do...

When I arrive at the Lab, I see that the other three are already geared up in our suits. As I enter the room, I see Charlie smile at my outfit. "Quite comfortable?" He gives me one more smile and hands me my suit. I try to ignore Charlie, his jokes is not funny right now. The suits are quite designer sheek and comfortable. I can't even believe how good I look in them! I am so not sorry about the dress code for this mission! After I dressed I returned to the station where the directing manager is allready preparing us with safety drills and the scheduel for the mission. I join in as quietly as I can, but just as I got there, they were finished. "Ladies first," Charlie reaches out for me to grab is hand. He then helps me into the machine just to turn around to help Leila. For a moment I thought that he cared about me... "So," Leila takes her seat next to mine. "Are you scared?" She smiles as she puts on her safety belt and turns in my direction. "Well," I sigh. "We have to trust our skills then..." I smile at her and pat my hands on the dashboard. My heart starts to beat wildly when I realize that the guys also have taken their seats. "Ready for lift off in 5..." Charlie communicates with our directing manager through an ear piece. "4...3...2...1..." He flips a switch and gives a sigh. We all lean backwards as the machine starts to rattle and make strange noises. "How long is this going to take?" Leila gives a yawn as she yells at Markus. He adjusts his seat and look at us one by one. "Brace yourselfs, we'll be fine!" I turn to look at Leila when I see that she is unconsious, I must say that I am getting tired too! Before I go down, I try to look at Charlie. I smile at him but he turns away... That is the last thing that I can remember...

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