Warped Love

Sirena is a small youtuber from LA, when Warped tour asks her to be one of the 'Warped Youtubers' with her best friend Damon Fizzy along with three other Youtubers who she is a big fan of, Johnnie Guilbert, Bryan Stars and Jordan Sweeto. Will a love connection between Her and one of the boys create drama on warped tour?


1. The Night Before

"SIRENA!" I heard shouted as I walked into the hotel that us Warped Youtubers were staying at the night before the first Warped Tour. I looked up from my phone right as my best friend slammed into me, hugging me tight.

"Damon!" I exclaimed hugging back with one hand. "Its great to see you" I smiled, my dimples popping out. 

"Have you met the rest?" Damon asked smiling, wrapping one arm around my shoulder.

"Not yet. But have a feeling thats about to change." I laughed. 

"Come on Silly." Thats Damons nickname for me, Silly. 

I guess I should explain whats going on. Hi, my name is Sirena Cote, Im 19 years old, from LA and Im a Youtuber. This year Warped tour asked me if I would be one of their warped youtubers, and of course I said yes. So here I am. Heres a picture of me; 

Yep, I have dreads.I take care of them though. Okay, back to what is going on.

We walked over to this small group of guys who were sitting in the lobby of this hotel.

"Hey guys! Meet Silly." Damon said smiling goofily. 

"Sirena." I smiled and waved slightly.

"Hey Sirena, Im Bryan" I knew who he was. Bryan Stars, he got internet famous interviewing band members.

"Im Johnnie." A shortish teenage guy said. he had the typical black fringe that is labeled 'emo'. 

"Im Jordan" I knew this Australian. I love his music. Fright tonight is actually my ringtone. Jordan Sweeto, taller then me by a head. 

"Can i just say I feel so fucking short compared to you guys?" I was at shoulder height for Damon, Johnnie was only slightly taller then me, I was eye level with his nose, Bryan and Jordan were both a whole head taller than me. Everyone laughed and i felt hands around my thighs. "Oh fuck no" I squealed as Damon picked me up and walked around, 

"Feel short now huh Silly?" He asked.

"More worried about falling Dee" I said, wrapping my arms around his head. 

"Okay guys, the last warped youtuber has showed up and Damon is carrying her around look," Bryan said and  pointed the camera at us. 

"Dude Damon, Hows that boob pillow?!" Johnnie asked. Jordan was jsut laughing, taking pictures for snapchat. 

"Dee put me dooooowwwwnnnn." I whined and he dropped me, catching me at the waist. 

"Okay" He smiled and gently put me down.

I pulled out my phone. "Guys com'ere." I said and pulled up snapchat, I held the phone out and took a video. "Holy fucking tits look who Im with!" I said. "Bryan Stars, Johnnie Guilbert, Jordan Sweeto and Damon fucking fizzy." I said they all crowded their faces around mine. I posted that to my story. then took another. THis time just with Damon. "Guys omg look its Dee Fizzy. My best friend omg." I said and Damon picked me up again. "God dammit Damon!" I said. and posted tat video to my story. "Hey Bryan, can you take a picture on my snapchat ?" I asked. 

"Sure!" he said and took my phone, took a picture of Damon holding me bridal style. Once he took the picture he typed something and posted it. When i looked it said 'reunited at last' with a heart eye emoji.  I smiled and locked my phone as we all went up to find our rooms. Damon and I were sharing a room while Bryan, Johnnie and Jordan where sharing. Damon and I got comfy. 

"One king sized bed. you best bet that we be cuddling tonight bitch." Damon said jumping onto the bed. I jumped onto it next to him and cuddled my head into his chest. 

"I fucking missed you Damon." I said. I used to live next door to Damon. Weve been friends since elementary school. I moved to LA when i attempted to be an actress, now im jsut a youtuber. Oh well. 

"I missed you too Sirena." Damon said. I heard a knock on the door and i groaned. "Ill race ya." Damon said. we both sat up, got off the bed and ran to the door.

"I win!" I shouted as i opened the door. It was the other three. 

"hey heyyyy" Bryan said. 

"Holy shit your room is bigger then ours." Jordan said walking into the room. I shut the door after them, went into my purse and pulled out my box of cigarettes, 

"Theres a balcony too," I said opening the door and putting a cigarette in my mouth. I walked out as Johnnie and Jordan followed. I lite up the cigarette and blew smoke into the wind, resting on the railing. 

"Holy shit." Johnnie said. 

"Right." I said. 

We sat out there talking.

"how long have you had your dreads?" Jordan asked. 

"About... 3 years now." I said.

"Can i touch them?" Johnnie asked. i laughed

"Sure?". Johnnie pulled one dread out and twirled it around his finger. 

"I thought it would feel so much different." 

"Its just hair knotted together." I chuckled 

"They are really cool." Jordan said

"Thanks" I said right as Damon announced

"I WANT PIZZA" Damon screamed from inside. 

"Then order pizza ya dumb butt." I called. "Order three pizzas for fucks sake" I told him, finishing the cigarette and walking inside. "I'll pay." I said. 

"Yess! I love you!" Damon said and hugged me. 

"Love you too Dee." He picked up the phone and ordered pizza

we spent the rest of that night in our hotel room, eating pizza and talking. getting to know eachother, and snapchatting, Cant forget that. I vlogged a little bit to prepare the internet for 'Through Sirena's Eyes' which is what i call my vlogs. After the pizzas were eaten the other three boys went back to their room. 

"See you guys in the morning. when our day begins" I said and hugged them. Johnnie kissed my cheek quickly and blushed before leaving. I blushed a little bit while I shut the door.

"Woah, red cheeks, little bit of tongue sticking out. i know that face. youre blushing!" Damon exclaimed. I scoffed and walked past him to the bed. "Details now." He said sitting next to me.

"Johnnie jsut kissed my cheek. its nothing." I said biting my lip, that was a total lie, it was a big thing, Johnnie has been my youtube crush since day one. and Damon knows this. 

"Bull-fucking-shit" he said. "Hes totally into you" he said.

"Doubt it." I said rolling my eyes. 

"mhm. doubt it all you want hun. hes into you." 

"Whatever Damon. Im actually tired, sleepy time." I said pulling my dreads into a bun. 

"Sleepy time" Damon said and nodded. "but first, snapchat." he said and pulled out his phone. "Hey guys so like, its 3 in the morning and Sirena and I are getting ready for bed. First official day of warped tour tomorrow!" He posted that and then took another. I was searching through my suitcase for my ex boyfriends tee shirt. i sleep in it alot. "See theres Sirena," I turned and stuck my tongue out.

"Cant wait to meet you guys tomorrow!" I said.

He started another "We love you! good nighttt" He said and im pretty sure he was zooming in on my face.

"love youuuu" i said. I found the tee shirt and quickly stripped my tank top off. I threw on the tee shirt before Damon could do anything. 

"Oh look, a shirtless picture of Sirena.. hmmm, maybe i should send this to Johnnie." He teased. 

"God dammit Damon. you fucking didnt." I said, taking my skinny jeans off. 

"Oh I so did," He said and showed me. "Set for 3 seconds, sending it to Johnnie now." He said and smiled up at me. "Done."

"I fucking hate you ohmygod!" I said and curled up into a ball on the bed. 

"Oh look! he responded!" Damon exclaimed. "I quote, 'holy fucking shit'" Damon said proudly. 

"I hate you." I said. 

"I love you too, now we can sleep." He said and kicked his pants off, "Comere best friend." he said and pulled my close to him. We fell asleep like that. Only to be woken up a few hours by knocking on the door. "your turn" Damon sleepily said and turned over. I groaned and got up, making sure my ass was covered. I opened the door to Johnnie. "oh, hey. i was expecting Damon." Johnnie said awkwardly. 

"I know what he sent you. come on in. hes asleep like a butt." I said and opened the door more for him. He came in and sat on the couch. 

"We have to get ready to get to warped." Johnnie said, avoiding eye contact. 

"Mhm." i said and started to go through my luggage. I pulled out a black fitted crop top with two white daisys on it that stopped around where my ribs end and ripped high waisted shorts that ended just below my butt and my floral and skull printed combat boots. I pulled the shorts on under the tee shirt and then turned around so my back was facing Johnnie, I pulled on the shirt and then turned back around. I put the combat boots on and grabbed my makeup. i headed into the bathroom. For makeup I did light cover up, winged eyeliner, lining the bottom waterline as well, dark purple lip stick. I then took my Kat Von D tatoo liner pen in white and drew dots from the apple of one cheek up to just past the eyebrow. one line of white dots, another row of black ones, in a zig zag type pattern. Once my makeup was done I left the bathroom. Damon was awake and dressed, Jordan and Bryan had showed up,  I undid my dread bun and put on my flower crown headband. 

"You look like a hippie." Bryan said. 

"I am" i said smirking. I grabbed my phone and took a picture for snapchat. my outfit and makeup. then took a video. "Hey guys we are about to head out to warped tour day one. " I said and spun so the boys were visible. "If you see me dont be scared to stop me for a hug and picture" i smiled and posted it. 

"ready?" Damon asked. I put my phone and wallet in my bag. 

"Yup" I said and we headed out to Day one of Warped Tour.

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