Why Me?

Taylor White is a bullied 19 year old girl. Her parents are never around and she must help herself. Except for when her new neighbors the Dallas family move in. Then Cameron shows her a life worth living over a long summer break.

1. 1

Taylor's POV

"Just go kill yourself! No one needs another ugly bitch in this world!" Mackenzie Wittenhart said to me as i lay helpless on the ground.

"Move bitches!" Rowan said helping me up.

"Thank you!" I said hugging her.

"I think I'm gonna head home. Today our new neighbors move in." I said

"Oh text me the details tonight." She said running off."

Cameron's POV

"IM DONE SETTING UP MY ROOM!" I yelled to my mom downstairs.

We just moved into a new house.

"Remember cameron, the White family will be over at 7 for dinner so dress nicely please!" She said

I looked out the window to see a car pull into the whites house.

T-t-t-hhhhhhey have a daughter.

She is so cute. Shit she is getting out.

I quickly closed the curtains half way.

She looked up at the window and I saw all her beautiful features. I can't wait to see them closer tonight.

She must be one of those that live a perfect life.

Taylor's POV

My crappy parents will be back tonight to have dinner with the dallas family.

Hopefully no annoying little kids.

I heard the door open then the fridge.

My mom and dad are here.

"Honey get dressed nicely we go over in 30 minutes." She yelled

"Okay fuck you!" I said

My parents don't know what I go through on social media and at school. They just think I'm there mistake.

Getting dressed i put on a floral jumper with some white sandals.

I curled my hair and then brushed my teeth.

"Come on let's Go!" My dad yelled

I grabbed my iPhone 6 and ran down the stairs.

We came up to the door and rung the doorbell.

Cameron's POV


I heard as I finished buttoning up my blue shirt and looking how my kakis and red vans looked.

Gota say I'm impressed.

I heard the door open with hellos and welcome to the neighborhood!

I ran down stairs to see at the bottom of my stairwell the girl.

Taylor's POV

I turned around to see a tall very handsome brown eyed boy.

"Is my mom giving your parents a tour." He asked me.

"Yup so I thought I would hang behind." I said smiling up at him.

"Is there a place I can put my pennyboard?" I asked

"Yeah just up in my room." He said leading me


I'm going in his room!

I sat my pennyboard in his room and sat on his bed.

"I'm Cameron by the way."

"I'm Taylor nice to meet you." I said shaking his big hand.

"This dinner thing is really formal. Wanna just skip it and pennyboard down to the beach?" Cameron asked me.

"Hell yeah! Let me stop buy my house and change real quick." I said

I ran over to my house and changed into pink vans,ripped shorts,and a t that said antisocial.

And obviously a pink bikini in my bag.

"Let's go!" I said grabbing my board from cameron and rolling.

He is kinda hot on his board.

We ended up going down to the beach for a couple of hours and swimming, cameron trying to surf but fail miserably, getting cookie dough ice cream, and crashing a drake concert!

Cameron's POV

The whole night I have spent with her has been amazing!

Her smile could light up the world.

And seeing her rap to energy. Damn that was sexy.

"I had a amazing night tonight." I said to her

"Me too. Hey I have two plane tickets two anywhere. What do you say about spending the summer in Florida!" She said

"Sure! That would be great! When do we leave!" I asked.

"4 days." She said

We handed off numbers and went to sleep.

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