Two cream, one sugar

Collage student Sarah was working at her new job at the cafe on campus, when in walked a boy. A very cute, very adorable, shy boy that she just couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of.

"Hi...I'm Trevor, I'll have a coffee... two creams, one sugar, please."


2. Chapter 2

9:00 the coffee shop is dead, not surprising though, people don't usually come in till around 9:30


9:45 my first customer comes through the door, a tall thin girl with bleach blonde hair, her name is Cindy, everyone on campus knows her. In my opinion she, well, "gets around".


10:00 a rush of people come into the shop, 4 girls 5 boys. I take their orders, two of the boys take the 2 tables at the back of the coffee shop along with the 8 chairs and push them together. One of the girls grabs a chair,  from the third table near the front of the shop, to bring to the combined table that the group has created and spills her coffee. She turns her head sharply at me, "well? what are you staring at, make me a new coffee". What a snob. I pour her a new cup of coffee, she quickly snatches it away. I pick up the broken pieces of the ceramic cup and mop up the spill.


11:00 the group leaves, each throwing dirty looks at me on the way.


11:06 my ex boyfriend Cane walks in, "can i take your order?" he glares at me. A moment of silence sends a shiver down my spine. "Whore" Cane reaches across the counter and slaps me across the face really hard. I instantly cover the sore spot with my hand. Cane walks out, I drop to the ground and lay my face on my knees. I begin to cry intensely.


11:11 I stand up and wipe my tears. I glance at the clock "11:11 make a wish" echos through my head. Well I may as well give it a shot, I hold my hand up to my red cheek, I flinch at the pain that rushes through me. I close my eyes " I wish there was a decent guy out there who really cared about me and loved me for who I am", I say to myself in my head. Like wishes ever come true anyways.


11:12 an average height, thin but fit, brown haired blue eyed boy walks through the door. I am totally captured by him, I cannot take my eyes off him. "Hi" he stares into my eyes, he snaps himself back to reality and clears is throat.. 'I'm Trevor" he smiles awkwardly and I let out a small giggle as he shakes my hand. "Um, I'll have a coffee...two cream, one sugar. Please."







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