Two cream, one sugar

Collage student Sarah was working at her new job at the cafe on campus, when in walked a boy. A very cute, very adorable, shy boy that she just couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of.

"Hi...I'm Trevor, I'll have a coffee... two creams, one sugar, please."


1. Chapter 1

I hear the loud blare of an alarm my ear. I stretch out to all corners of my twin sized bed. I check the clock 7:00 am.

I put on my black pants, white "Vega's Café" shirt, black flats, and finally the blue apron to finish off the look.

7:15 I throw my hair up into a ponytail and progress toward the kitchen, once in the kitchen I open the fridge and grab two eggs. I turn on the burner and place a medium sized pan on the stove, the eggs sizzle as they hit the pan.

7:30 the eggs finish and I put two slices of bread in the toaster, right on queue Olivia walks into the kitchen and plops herself into a chair. The toast pops up and I separate the eggs onto two different plates. I butter the toast and place one piece of toast on each plate.

7:45 Olivia and I finish breakfast. "Thanks for breakfast mom" she gives me a smirk look and stands up from her chair, she places our plates into the sink, "go get ready for school, I'm not waiting for you again" I shoo her out of the kitchen.

8:00 Olivia walks out into the living room ready to leave. I grab the keys and lock the door as I'm leaving. Campus is about 10 minutes away from our flat, so I have just enough time to get Olivia to her class and make my way to work.

8:09 "Thanks for the ride again Sar" Olivia says before stepping out of the car, "no problem, come over the the coffee shop after your classes". Olivia nods and closes the door.

8:15 I arrive at work, our on campus coffee shop "Vega's Café" with 15 minutes to spare before opening time. I unlock the front door and walk in, I flick on all the hanging lights composed of light bulbs inside of mason jars that stretch across the length of the ceiling, along with all the other lights behind the counter.

8:20 I turn on the coffee machines and other necessary accessories.

8:25 I wipe down the 3 tables and the breakfast bar that lines the window. I grab any misplaced books and put them back in the bookshelf that takes up half of the right wall.

8:30 I open the front door that is located on the left side of the building, put our "Today Specials" sign out front, even though the special never really changes. Finally I flip the "sorry we're closed" sign around to show that we are open.

Another painfully boring day at work begins.

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