The Note

so i was fine until my dad died in a car crash. i was normal. but now i live with an abusive step-father and a mother who doesn't care in some foreign land(alstrilla). so thats when i decide to end it all. i sent a note to the band that has saved my life numrus times a note saying when, where, and how i was going to die. Will the boys read the note? If so what will they do? Or will they think its like every other note and just through it in to a pile with the rest?
~trigger warnings~
self harm
suicidal thoughts
mature language
some mature scenes


7. New guest

Amity's pov.


I heard a knock on the front door then a boy talking to my mother. I had no friends or anything going on at school. i didn't even talk to the kids at school and i was always left partner-less when we had group projects to do. Then i figured it must of been one of the devils friends here to do things to me. He started selling me to his friends for their own use and it normally ended in me being slapped around by them. i heard the door close and my mother tell him i was in my room then a small knock on my door. i froze. i couldn't move. i just stared at the door unable to speak. i was to scared to speak. if it was one of his friends i would probably be taken to the basement or to their house. then the boy knocked again and said the strangest thing to me

A~ we need to do are science project remember

A~come on let me in please i don't want to hurt you 


i walked over and opened the door only to realize it was not only the curly headed boy from the restrant but Ashton freaking Irwin standing at my bedroom door.


A~hi you are even more beautiful then the last time i saw you

M~how did you find me i mean you didn't stop him at the restaurant 

A~i didn't want to just assume the worst there but i couldn't stop thinking about you. and i read your letter and saw the address on the leader was near by and so i came to save you again. i brought you this hoodie also because the one you were wearing the other night seemed old and warn and i wanted you to have something nice to remembered me for when i'm not here to protect you.

M~o..oh okay

his eyes were still so beautiful like the other night and he had such warm hands. he looked like he was really concerned about me and it was kind of hard to understand. it was also hard to understand the fact that he actually cared and read my letter or the fact that he thought i was beautiful, the outcast.

M~can i ask you something?

A~yeah sure 

M~why did you show up now? today i mean? because i was supposed to do it the 24th and its only the 15th?

A~because i saw the blood and knew you were cutting and that you needed my help now not later

M~oh okay

he pulled me in for a hug and i yelped in pain. he gave me this look and i knew i couldn't tell him the truth about everything. he wouldn't want me then he would think so badly of me. and he gave me a very concern look. he grabbed me by the shirt and lifted it up a bit to see all the bruises from the beatings i got recently then asked to questions that scared me because his eyes turned dark with anger then lighten with pain and i didn't know if i could tell him the truth without him hatting me...





I'm back sorry it took so long for an update i wasnt in the writting mood but i plan to update a lot more. i still love you guys


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