Dorm Rooms (Muke a.u)

"we're like st. trinians for guys"

"except we suck better dick here."


3. what happens in the mess hall stays in the mess hall

Luke sat alone at a table in the large mess hall, there was a row of teachers down the middle where they all sat, at the left side of them sat the junior school of boys, at the right sat the senior school, where Luke was.

Greenday was blaring in his ears as he played with the food on his plate. Luke had never had a large appetite, he was convinced his stomach was actually the size of his fist, not an american football as most people said.

There was a sudden loud bang from across the mess hall, dragging Luke from the music in his ears and the pile of food on his plate.

Of course Luke had noticed Michael when he had came in for dinner, how could he miss him, his hair was whiter than even the whitest of blonde's. Luke was sat closer to the door, therefore he had a hard time viewing what was actually happening, from what he could see Michael had a boy pinned against the wall.

Before Luke knew what was happening nearly the whole of the school had rushed towards the other end of the hall, obviously giving Michael and the boy Luke didn't know the name of space. Luke followed curiously, being taller than pretty much every other boy there he could see what was going on with no bother.

Michael was holding the boys collar, his knee pressed against his stomach, the boy looked like he was about to throw up and Michael didn't look like he was planning on loosening his grip on his neck any time soon.

Of course the teachers were there, they were trying to get Michael off, but Michael was too strong and he always managed to latch back onto the boy, therefore none of the teachers efforts were working.

No wonder he was in prison, Luke can't help but think as he watches the scene play out. Michael throws the boys from the wall to the ground where he lands on top of him, belting his fist against the boys jaw twice before he throws himself forward and snatches a knife off of a table that had just been occupied by students.

"SOMEONE GET ASHTON!" A female teacher screams before anyone can respond Luke feels someone pull him out of the way. He stumbles lightly catching himself as Ashton throws himself forward, closely followed my Calum.

He'd came out of no where but it was a good thing he had.

"Michael!" Ashton roars grabbing Michael's arm and pulling at it, attempting and failing to get the knife away from him. "Michael stop!" Ashton shouts in his ear pulling at the back of his shirt.

Ashton glances at Calum and in a joint effort they grab Michael's arms and drag him kicking and yelling off of the terrified boy. Ashton shoves Michael against the wall, holding him place as both of the boys pant.

"What did he do?" Ashton whispers softly.

Michael says nothing, glaring past Ashton's shoulder at the boy who's now huddled in the P.E teacher's arms.

"Michael, what did he do?" Ashton asks again.

Without warning Michael spat on the ground. "He was talking about my mother." Michael snarled.

Ashton nods understanding. "He got what he deserved." Calum nods quickly behind him. "Now come on, let's go." Ashton takes Michael's arm and leads him from the wall towards the crowd of students who move almost instantly for the head boy, his right hand man, and their slightly mentally unstable best friend.

Before Ashton can realise what's happening Michael's free from his grip and is rushing towards the boy. However Luke moves too quickly.

He feels sorry for the boy. He seems much younger than Michael, much smaller and weaker, he looked as if he'd never been in a fight before. Whatever he did to Michael he'd already gotten his justice for it. Michael had seen to that already, he didn't need to see to it again.

Luke burst through the circle of boys and wrapped one around around Michael's chest dragging him back towards him quickly wrapping the other arm around his lower torso. Before Michael could yell or fight Luke was speaking quietly in his ear.

"Not now, later. Later. When he won't expect it, when you can hit him worst. When you can ruin him, this, this will hurt him. Wait. Give him a chance to calm down, let his guard down. Then scar him for life."

Luke felt Michael slowly relax in his arms. Luke knew what he had just told Michael would work - there had to be some reason Luke had been kicked out of every school he'd ever been to, of course being notorious for hurting those who hurt him wasn't the only reason.

Luke slowly let his arms drop from around Michael, Michael turned and locked eyes with Luke, he gave him a once over and then stormed past him and out of the mess hall. Closely followed by Ashton and Calum.

Luke stood there for a moment, and then noticing all eyes were on him, he briskly exited the hall, going the opposite way the other three boys were going.

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