Rejected But Am Loving It!

Heartache, a simple term used to describe a medley emotions felt by an individual when the person is betrayed. Unfortunately, for werewolves words can't explain the situation. This unbearable and indescribable pain can only be caused when the mate of the werewolf dies, or in very rare cases the werewolf is rejected by that destined partner.
Werewolves find their mates at the age seventeen and the werewolves go through their first shift and if the werewolf-although in rare cases but well they do happen-is rejected then the shift is excruciatingly painful. Well you might be wondering, why I am talking about heartache while describing my story. I am talking about heartache, being rejected and agonizing shift because


8. The mating (Javier’s POV)

I was talking to Zack and Zeke after the meeting that was held because Zeke spotted Daphne Ramirez, who had almost the same horrible past as my Mariah. My wolf growled at that thought. Zeke and Zack were furious after hearing what Daphne had to say about her past life. It is outright disgusting how packs treat their own fellow pack members. They push the pack member so much towards the edge that it forces that pack member to leave the pack. Even mates reject their mates!

The reason given to the rejected pack member, “I can’t have you as my mate because you are the runt of the pack. I need a mate who is beautiful.” But I would put forth this point that is it the outer beauty that matters or is the beautiful personality that the person has matters? Take Mariah for instance. Second chance mate or not, Jason should not have rejected her but I am selfish enough to thank Selene that he rejected her; otherwise I would have never met her. Now since we incarnates of Selene and mate, then I am sure there has to be some pros and cons to it.

Zack’s voice brought me out of my thoughts, “Hey Jav, it seems your mate is managing to break through that new girl’s walls. I guess, soon Daphne will be a new person.” “Yeah, Zac but I do hope for one thing though, that she finds a mate who deserves her. He does not treat her like Jason treated Mariah. I know he was her second chance mate and without him rejecting her, I would have never been in a position to meet Mariah. I would have been mateless till now and I would have sunk into depression.”

“I can see where you are coming from. If it were in my hands, Jason would have been a dead man. Not only a dead man but also he would six feet under. Since, it’s not because Seb would have my balls and them to me while I am in my wolf form. Seb is a firm believer of maintaining peace between the packs of the world. I guess Jason should count his stars and thank them.” I completely agree with what Zac had to say, “Amen to that, bro! Heh, true Seb would first skew and then feed you your balls while you are in your wolf form!” “Hardy har har! You think you are funny? I’ll give you funny, Hunter.” One moment he said that and the next I was in a headlock. I was quick, I got out of the headlock and mock punched Zac. My gaze fell on my Mariah, she was talking to Daphne. Both the girls had pained expressions.

These pained expressions reminded me of how Mariah was when she met me. It bothers me how much pain it causes her to be linked to that good for nothing nincompoop. He maybe an Alpha but he does not deserve that title. I pity the girl who is her mate. In a way I consider myself lucky because I was…..from a pack that believed in maintaining equality amongst pack members. I stumbled onto a pack’s territory whose Alpha also believed in the same idea. Unlike the SunMoon pack and the BloodRed pack, my late pack and the Saber, one can call both of these packs, well unique.

I said, “Hey Z am going to go and see my mate. My wolf has been bugging me since past few minutes.” “Go, I can see where this going lead, so bye! I don’t need the vivid images in my head.” I went over to still talking Mariah and Daphne. I encircled my arms around Mariah’s waist. I said, “Hey Daphne, welcome to the pack, I am Mariah’s mate. Can I steal her away from you?” “Yeah sure, how can I stop two love birds from making love and being lovey-dovey?” *Winks* I felt myself smirking and Mariah, well what can I say about her beauty. She blushed a very gorgeous and a beautiful shade of red. I loved how she blushes at almost every single compliment. We went to our bedroom and started having a very very very HOT and SEXY make out session. It lead to something more.

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