The Forgotten Princess

"You remember, I saw the throne of my birth country snatched away before my very eyes, you do not forget something like that. And you certainly never forgive it."
Adelaide is a very powerful young lady, she is the Crown Princess to one of the richest nation in the world. Well she was until her younger brother was born. Being male he replaced her as the heir to the throne. Adelaide has grown up getting whatever she wants. And right now she wants to be Queen and she will go to whatever extent to insure her place on the throne.


3. Chapter Three

Several months had passed since the death of the Dauphin Louis.

The King was upset for a while but he had come to accept that his wife had born him a stillborn child. Although, in his heart, the King knew the fault did not lie with Anne, he could not help feel that somehow she was to blame.

Louis spent most of his time accompanied by his council; and they were adamant that the death of the Prince was due to the Queen’s failings. Everyone thought it were appropriate to rid the country of their Queen. Everyone but the Cardinal, Armand, he had stayed fiercely loyal to Anne. It pleased Louis to see that at least there was one person in his court who would support his wife. The Cardinal's loyalty to Anne was understandable; when the young Spanish Princess first came to France she was unaware of the French ways, Armand taught her all she needed to know about being a French citizen and a Queen. Armand shaped Anne into the wonderful person she was today, and Louis was grateful.
He was advised that Anne was removed from the palace, they had given him the choice, he could have her killed or they could exile her to the countryside claiming she had died in child birth.

In both options they had lined up several new potential wives for the King. They included several foreign Princesses, a few Ladies, a Countess and a young Duchess, who happened to be his second cousin.
Louis politely refused each one of them, but that did not stop his council from gifting him with portraits of each of the potential suitors. Against his council’s wishes Louis decided to stay married to Anne, he loved her so. They had practically grown up together, having been promised to each other since they were at the tender age of eleven years old.
Louis was born on the 27th September 1601, just five days after Anne of Austria, who was born on the 22nd September 1601.

Anne, having grown up close to her Mother and Father, was afraid of marriage of any kind. She felt her place was by her Father, the King’s side.
In the year 1610 the King of France Henry IV was assassinated, leaving his eight and a half year old son, Louis, to inherit the throne. Louis’s Mother, Marie de' Medici became regent. She watched over Louis for seven years. During those seven years Louis married Anne.
On the 24th November 1615 Louis XIII married Anne of Austria, daughter to Philip III of Spain. With the hope that the marriage between the two great nations would join together and become alliances.
Unfortunately the alliance had fallen weak over the years. Anne’s Father, the King of Spain had died leaving her brother Philip to rule. Philip was rather keen that his elder sister was being well looked after by the French and that no harm would ever come to her, he did not trust Louis or the French and feared Anne's wellbeing. Louis made sure she was safe and well at all times; he did not want to make an enemy of powerful Spain.
Despite the marriage being an arranged one Louis had found himself growing rather fond of Anne, now he was fully in love with her. So much so, he would be lost without her. Parting with Anne was out of the question.
They would try again for another child. The Cardinal was right; when God was good and ready he would bless them with a child. And not until then.


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