My Clarity

Naomi Broken is a 18 year old girl who smokes, does drugs and is an alcoholic she lives in a broken flat and can barley afford rent she relies on her two roommate's Sali and Jess too pay for her but what will happen too Naomi when Sali and Jess have had enough... Will her new found rockstar friend help her out.


1. One

Jess's P.O.V


"She can't stay here anymore, Have you seen the place! It smells like weed and cigarettes all the time, The cops will be sniffing us out!" Sali shouted throwing away full ashtrays. 


"What are we going too do? We can't kick her onto the streets." I remained calm as I was collecting empty packets of what seemed like heroin off the floor.


"Ooh believe me she can go crying back too her parents! I'm sick of how she can ruin our home without paying a single penny!" She picked up empty beer bottles and threw them into an empty black bag. "Go get the air freshener from the bathroom, We need too cover the smell!" I huffed and did as the boss ordered. 


I walk into the bathroom too see Naomi in the shower, She was still wearing her underwear.


"Umm Naomi.. Did you maybe forget too take something off.." I say pointing her out.


"Oh don't be silly! I don't wanna shower naked..." She summoned me forward too whisper something "I'm not that much of a slut!" She leaned away laughing. Now I can see why Sali wants her gone.. She drunk 24/7. 


"Your part of the rent is £24 this month... Can you pay that?" I say looking through cupboards for air freshener. 


"I can pay you ... Nothing..." She laughed her horrendous villain cackle and went back to scrubbing her belly clean.  That's what 50 pounds of weed does too you Ladies and Gentlemen.  



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