Demonic ✘ h.s.

❝the devil is real. and he's not a little man with red horns and a tail. he can be beautiful. because he's a fallen angel, and he used to be God's favorite❞\\ © copyright of vinylstyles 2015 [graphic by Qveendom]


6. ✘ SIX




   "Are you fucking serious?" Louis asks as his eyes widen, he was shocked that Liam was able to figure it out that quick. He paced around Liam's crouched frame, eyeing him warily as his hand was placed over his mouth, trying to take in everything that was occurring. He couldn't believe it, not one single bit. It all was surreal to him, this seemed to be something from a horror film, not an actual case in reality. 


   "It appears to be that way... I'm not entirely sure on it, but it really seems to look like it." Liam huffs as he looks back at Louis who still seemed to be paralyzed in shock, "We just can't leave one another alone until dawn. No matter what, we stick side by side." He said pointing at Louis. 


   "So if I have to take a piss-" 


   "I will go with you, but I'll turn my back to give you privacy." Liam said, rolling his eyes, "And this also means that we are no longer under an investigation, our mission now is to try and stay alive and try to find Niall and Harry in the process, okay? So please, do not wander off or ask me to do a brief investigation, alright?" 


   Louis held up his hands in surrender, "Understood, captain." 


   "No sarcasm, please. This is a serious matter, not something to joke about." Liam warned him, contemplating on saying something extra, but holding back from speaking another word. He didn't want to get into another full blown argument with Louis, and without Harry here to tell them to shut up, Liam felt the fight would progress further into a more physical assault rather than just a verbal.


   "I'll cut it out then." Louis sharply said, adjusting his backpack on his shoulders. Liam eyed him closely before he turned on his heel and began to walk, leaving Louis to follow him. "So, what exactly do you have for a plan?" Louis questioned as the two made their way down another hallway, occasionally bumping shoulders along the way. Louis curiously eyed all the doors that veered off to rooms or other hallways, wondering what was being hidden behind the wooden shields. He wanted to go in to one and look around, oh how bad he desired to be able to go in one and look around, but he knew that Liam would hit him over the head with a brick laying on the floor if he dared to open his mouth and admit that. So he kept his mouth shut and looked back to Liam, trying to fill his head with thoughts on finding Harry and Niall as well as a way out of this hell. 


   "Walk around and try to find any signs of Niall or Harry," Liam started, taking a quick glimpse down at his watch to notice that it was nearly two thirty in the morning already, "We have about half an hour until the next happening, so I suggest we get a move on it if we all want to be make it out of here as a whole." He states before abruptly taking a turn, leading to a staircase that would take them either to the top floor or the one below them. Liam stopped suddenly upon seeing this,causing Louis to crash into his back, sending both boys forward a bit. Both regained balance fast and Liam shot a glance at Louis, shaking his head before deciding to go to the floor above and check around. 


   "It wasn't my fault that I rammed into your back. You stopped so quick I didn't have the appropriate amount of time to react," Louis defended as they made their way up the steps.


   "Maybe you should spend more time paying attention to your surroundings instead of being in dream world." Liam huffs back, not really paying attention to what Louis had said as his brain was elsewhere at the moment. 


   Louis pauses for a few moments, deciding on whether or not to say the comeback that has formed in his head. He clenches his fist and grits his teeth together, "Sorry." He breathes out, taking Liam off guard and causing him to stop suddenly again. Louis runs into Liam's back again, and this time it sends both of the boys to land on the steps. "Really? Again?" Louis seethes as he rubs his forearm with his fingers. 


   "I'm sorry, I was just shocked to hear the word 'sorry' slip from your lips since you don't seem to know what the word even means." Liam admits to Louis, a tad sarcastic on his end.


   "Don't get used to it, because you won't ever hear me say it again." Louis said to him as he pushed himself off the steps, extending a hand out for Liam to take and help him up. Liam roughly grabbed Louis' hand, pulling himself up then dusting off his pants and shirt. 


   "Thanks." Liam acknowledged him, nodding his head together as he pressed his lips into a thin line. 


   "Sure, no problem." Louis sighed, nudging Liam to continue moving up the stairs. 


   The two boys walked in silence as they continued their trek up the narrow staircase. Their flashlights were constantly moving from left to right, examining every bit they could as they wanted to uncover as much as possible. They didn't want to leave an inch of darkness untouched, fearful that they might miss an important piece of evidence or what they might find lurking in the shadows. A few odd noises would occasionally pierce through the air, and this would cause the two lads to stop moving, listening closely to how far or how close it sounded before continuing on. The two didn't want to make any sounds when they heard something, worried that it would come after them, or that they would miss a vital sound that would save their lives and their missing friends.


   Liam was leading the two through the hallways while Louis was behind a few steps, eyeing everything in awe. He moved his eyes to Liam for a moment, seeing if he was paying any attention, then slowly reached into his bag and pulled out his little camcorder, filming as he walked along. Since he couldn't stray away to investigate, this is what he would have to do.


   A shrill scream ripped through the air, sending shivers down both of their spines as they stopped dead in their tracks, flashlights moving around the space fast. Another small one followed after, not as shrill but still very high pitched; almost like something or someone was in pain and crying out for help. They couldn't distinguish what direction it was coming from. The sounds seemed to be coming from all directions as repetitive moans and screeches fell around them. Some were distant while some sounded very near, and the fact that they couldn't see anything sent a shiver of fear though both of their bodies. 


   A loud clank echoed out, followed by the sound of fingernails scrapping against metal. Both boys turned their heads to look down the hall they heard it come from, Liam being the one to step forward a bit. 


   "Liam..." Louis whispered with a warning tone. 


   "Shh," Liam said, holding a hand up to tell Louis to be quiet, "Something's down there."


   Louis rolled his eyes, "No shit. It's not like we're in a haunted asylum or anything." The sarcasm came out before he even had the chance to think, and before Liam could even sigh, Louis muttered out a quick 'sorry'. Liam wasn't even fazed by Louis' remark as he was too tuned into whatever was hiding down the hallway. 


   "Maybe it's Harry or Niall." Liam suggested, turning around to talk to Louis. He quickly ducked his hand, acting like he was simply holding his camera rather than filming anything. The last thing he wanted was for Liam to get pissy over his camera being on. 


   "I don't think they are, Li." Louis stated as he pressed his lips into a thin line, "If they were down there one of them would be bound to scream or yell." 


   "But maybe they can't, that's why they're messing around with the metal." Liam pressed. He wanted to have hope, he wanted to be reassured that there was in fact hope and that everything would be alright in the end. He wanted to believe that Harry and Niall were alright and that they were alive even though he knew deep down that they probably weren't. He just wanted everything to be okay, and most importantly, he wanted to get out of this damn asylum. 


   "I really don't think they are down there, lad." Louis repeated himself as he stepped closer to Liam whose shoulders were slumped and eyes glazed over. Louis reached out a hand and gently patted Liam's shoulder a couple times while he sniffled. "We have to keep moving, the last thing we want is something to come out of the dark and attack us in a vulnerable state."


   Liam didn't say anything. Instead, he swiped his nose and eyes with the back of his hand before adjusting his backpack and started to walk forward down a hallway with Louis following close behind. They shone their flashlights in every room they passed, hoping to find either Niall or Harry in any of them and if not their bodies, they hoped for a possession of theirs. 


   Louis held his camera up as he shone his flashlight in a particular room. There were scattered chairs, buckets, and miscellaneous things scattered along the floor. Some glass shards even were found glittering under the light. The graffiti on the walls drew Louis to step inside the room to get a closer look. All the red markings looked like smeared blood of the souls that were lost in this deranged facility...and some of the words that were written on them were just down right creepy. 


   'Hell's Playground'


   'Devil's Den'


   'Hell is rising'


   'Satan's Kingdom'


   It sent shivers down his spine as he continued to view all the small phrases that littered the bare white walls. He could only imagine just how many souls died in this very room and how many of them rose to heaven and how many fell to hell. Louis sat in thought of how many beds the devil stood by, sucking the lives out of innocent people just to claim their souls as his many people he tortured, or drove into insanity. He was sure the devil fed off of the helpless people who resided here, hoping to get cured but in the end only progressed deeper into the whole of darkness that no light could ever penetrate.


    He placed one of his hands on the wall, feeling the smooth surface, running his fingers over the dried words. How long ago were these written and with whom's blood? Could these dark phrases be written with the blood of the missing who came in here? And were they written with the bloody fingers of the devil himself? 


   Louis felt himself grow numb. A sudden urge to run overcame him; he knew something was coming, and he didn't have much time to move. 


   "Liam?" Louis called out as he stood up, backing away from the wall as he headed towards the door of the room.


   "Yeah?" Liam called back, sounding a bit distant from where Louis was at. "Where are you, Lou?" 


   Relief flooded through Louis like a river at the response from Liam. He was alright. He was safe. "In room 13B," Louis yelled back, "I found something that I think you'll want to see-" He called to him, as he turned back around to face the wall one more time, holding his flashlight and camera up to document the scene in front of him. Liam's footsteps could be heard from outside the door, growing closer and closer with each step. Louis was anxious for Liam to see what he had discovered, and as the anticipation grew, Liam's footsteps could no longer be heard. Probably had to stop to piss. Louis grew quiet, hearing the heavy sounds of footsteps as well as moaning and groaning coming from outside the door. Another shrill scream, like a banshee's, fell through the air, following the muffled moans of agony...but all fell silent once more after one final loud, blood curdling scream pierced Louis' eardrums.  


   Louis shrugged his shoulders as he drew his attention away from the door and back towards the wall he had been so focused on before. The same activity he just heard had been ongoing for the past half hour at least, so he wasn't really fazed by it, but it still managed to send a small chill down his spine. As his eyes fell onto the screen of his camera, he felt his mouth part and he felt himself began to shake badly; to the point of almost dropping the camera in his hand.


   "Liam!" Louis screeched as he frantically fled from the room and rushed down the hall, yelling for his friend at the top of his lungs. He looked in every room he passed, growing more and more frantic at no sign of him. He stopped in the middle of the hallway and began to violently pull at the ends of his hair, his breathing becoming shallow and rapid. His heart was throbbing against his rib-cage as the fear began to fully settle in as much as the realization of what was happening. Louis quickly looked at his phone, hoping that it wasn't the new hour, but upon seeing the screen, he felt himself grow nauseated. 


   Liam was gone. 

   And Louis was alone. 


   He rushed back to the room he was just in, and held up his camera, zooming in on the freshly painted words written on the wall before him; 


       'Watch your back, he's going to attack.'






   Louis sat against the wall on the room he was in, scrolling through his photos as tears silently rolled down his cheeks. He smiled faintly at all the photos he had of him and his friends. He had photos from the very beginning of their friendships, to the current point. The last photo he had taken was of the four of them at the hotel right before they were set to embark on their adventure and gazing upon this made him cry a bit harder. His blurry eyes trailed over every single one of their faces, noticing how wide their smiles were and how happy they all looked. Liam's eyes were squinting, almost to the point of being fully closed due to laughter at something Louis had said before they took the photo. Niall's cheeks were tinted red, and his bright eyes held a faint twinkle in them, contrasting nicely against his boyish features. Last but not least was Harry. His dimply smile made him look a lot younger than what he actually was and the mischievous look in his eyes made Louis smile a bit. 


   The cold reality hit Louis like a ton of bricks as the horrible realization settles in; he's never going to see their bright smiles again... or anyone's for that matter. But most importantly, his best friends. The smiles on their faces had been wiped off, and lost in the halls of this damned horror house all because he was a selfish bastard. He couldn't skip one investigation, he forced them in here with him, he basically sealed the fate and murdered his mates. Louis felt like he was going to throw up at the thought of this and he instantly began to cry harder. It wasn't the devil who killed them, it was him


   He brought them into the torture house, he got them into this mess all for his ow selfish needs. If only he would have listened to their pleas and warnings about the place, they all would be together in the hotel room, unharmed and well. They would be sleeping in peace, wrapped up in warm blankets... They would be near Louis and most importantly, they would be alive. But because he was thinking about money, he lost what was most important to him.


   "Damn you!" Louis screamed out at the top of his lungs, hoping that wherever the devil may be lurking, he heard him and would come after his soul, dragging him down to hell where he rightfully belonged. Louis laughed, "Are you happy?! You won! You fucking won!" It was completely silent and still in the asylum for the first time that evening. Nothing was moving about, everything in there was at ease, like they were taking a moment of silence for the recently lost souls. 


  The silence was tormenting Louis more than the sounds were. At least he knew where they were or what they were up to when there were sounds echoing throughout the building. But the silence meant the unknown, and he was vulnerable. They could be anywhere, they could be in the very room he sat in, but he didn't know because of the eerie silence that seemed to fall over the entire building. 


  Once Liam disappeared weird things, even more strange than before, started to take place. The silence was the big thing to happen, but the air wasn't strained anymore. It wasn't tense, or thick, or heavy. It was the air you would breathe in a park - calm and light. This baffled Louis, and he wanted to go investigate but he was afraid that something else would happen if he left the confinements of the room he was in, so he chose to stay. 


  Was this how the patients felt when they were here? Confined from the outside world, feeling completely and utterly alone, feeling tormented by a force that no one else could see but you... It was driving Louis mad, and he finally understood why the people who were sent here, were here. The devil wanted to play a game with them. A sick, twisted mind game that literally drove them to the point of death. 


  "Come take me already! You didn't have a problem taking my friends away, so what's the hold up you bastard!" Louis yelled, wanting to torment the devil just like he tormented him. Louis knew he wasn't going to come upon his request, but on his own time instead. He slumped against the wall and felt more tears slip down his face, his sobs taking over his body entirely as he rocked back and forth. He wanted nothing more than to be joined with his friends, his brothers. He didn't want to live without them, he didn't want to live with the burden and the heavy heart. Everyday he would be constantly reminded of what he done, and he would rather die than go on without them by his side. 


  Louis looked down at his phone once again, eyeing the time in the top right corner of his screen. It was nearly four in the morning. He let out a laugh as he rose from his spot on the floor, dusting off his pants and collecting his things. If the devil wasn't going to come after him, he was going to find him himself. 


   If Liam's predictions were correct, then Louis knew what was going to happen at four - and he was more than ready. 


   He left the room, and slowly began to make his way down the hallway he came down almost an hour ago, carefully stepping around all the debris that littered the floor. His camera was still rolling, wanting to fully capture what was about to go down. Maybe someone would eventually find his camera, then they would finally be able to know the secrets of the halls and what really goes down here. They would know what happened to all the investigators that came in here. All the mysteries would be solved.


  Louis made it back to the main room of the top floor and headed towards the staircase, quickly walking down the steps. The moaning and groaning started could be heard again along with some growling noises. The break was over, they were coming back out to play now. Scraping, scratching, yelling... the activity that was taking place was more than the entire night combined. Doors were opening and slamming shut, Louis could hear furniture being thrown around, and he thought he even spotted a few red eyes as he continued to make his way down the staircase.


  It continued to get louder and the physical activity began to grow more intense the closer he got to the main floor. He pulled out his phone once again to view the time; five minutes to four. 


  He stepped down from the last step and onto the main floor, silencing all the commotion that was going on around him. It was dead quiet once more, not a single sound could be heard. The air around him became thick and heavy once more, it was suffocating almost. Louis pulled at the collar of his shirt a bit, gulping as he tried to allow his lungs to get a deep breath. It almost felt like a hand was wrapping around his throat, trying to close up his airways and prevent him from taking in any more air. But as quickly as the feeling came, it vanished. A coldness replaced the sensation though. 


   A loud, sinister laugh broke through the air, startling Louis as he jumped in the air, his eyes widening as well. He began to frantically look around, trying to see who or what the laughter just came from, but he saw no one. Louis had to remind himself that we up against a supernatural force, so of course he wouldn't be able to see anything or anyone standing about. This is what made things more difficult for him; he never knew when it would strike. 


   He had a hunch on who emitted the laugh, and he knew that the time had came. 


   Louis heard footsteps echo around him, the sound of fingernails scrapping against the wall with it. He remained standing in the spot he was in, as still as he could be. His body was shaking violently as the fear he held was running through him like a rampant pack of gazelles, running away from the predator. Sweat was forming along the top of his forehead and slowly dripping down the side of his face, dripping down to the burning flesh of his neck. 






  They got closer and closer to where he stood, and right as he felt breath on the back of his neck, he bolted towards the door. His breath was heavy as his hands gripped onto the knob, pulling and twisting on it, hoping that it was unlocked and that he could get out. 


  The laughter grew stronger and more sinister, laughing at Louis' pathetic attempts to escape. It was taunting Louis, and he felt like he himself was going insane from hearing it. He wanted to get out of there, he wanted to get away from the dark force that so badly wanted to claim his soul. He didn't want to die in the same way the others did. Louis would rather take his own life than be dragged down to hell in the hands of the devil himself. 


  All hope slipped away when the door wouldn't budge. Panic was his only companion now as he felt a cold hand grip his shoulder firmly. He sucked in a sharp breath as he felt his body tense up entirely. The coldness soon turned to burning, the fingernails digging into his bare skin. Louis let out a loud scream of agonizing pain, but it was soon silenced by the sound of a harsh voice speaking to him.


  "Tick tock, the last one's heart will soon be stopped." It whispered in Louis' ear. He was shoved to the ground, and the cold hand was now gripping onto Louis' leg, dragging him away from the door. He began to scream and tried to grab onto anything to help him get away from the devil, to prevent him from dragging the body to hell. But it was useless. Anything he tried to get a hold of would slip through his fingers; he was doomed. He was whimpering, his lips quivering, tears soaking his cheeks as he was pulled away. Louis knew that this was the end, and that he had lost and the devil had won. He gave up trying to fight back, there was no point. All the activity that had taken place previously, started up again in a triumph, like all that resided in the asylum were celebrating at the new soul being taken. 


  And as the devil dragged Louis into the darkness, the sun was rising upon the crest of the hill. 



A/N; iT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I WROTE ANYTHING FOR THIS OMFG I AM SO SO SO SORRY THAT I'VE NEGLECTED THIS FOR SO LONG! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! but the end of the long long prologue is now here! (: tell me what you think! feedback is highly appreciated! I want to know how you all are feeling after this whole ordeal.








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