The Terminator with a soul

T-11 strolled right in to the Resistance but was met with some speculation about his true motives and at first not many people trusted T-11. T-11 does have his problems on his first week that accumulate to what is least expected. This story takes place in the year 2025 right outside of LA. T-11 finds himself falling for a human. Who exactly? Elizabeth Collins, 22 year old, the woman who shot him in the foot.

Now about the problems accumulating.

Started: 7.2.2015

Completed: 7.5.2015 at 9: 44 AM.

Fandom: Terminator.


13. To save the day pt 4 - Save

Skynet picks up Roberts by the shirt collar.

"If you are so willing," Skynet said. "Then what does LLAP mean?"

Roberts smiles.

"Live Long and Prosper," Roberts said. "Welcome back to life, T-11."

Sky turns towards the table with Roberts in their hands.

"What in the name of Earth is going on?" Skynet said.

"T-11," Roberts said, as the change is rushing. "Hurry!"

Skynet walks over to the table then places Roberts down on the table. Skynet tries to restrain himself grabbing at his arm. Eventually the other arm lets go pressing a few other buttons to summon up a table alongside. Being over powered by a mere soul?, Skynet thought, that cannot be possible! Skynet trudges towards the neighboring table. Skynet's right arm brings up a long wire then opens a rounded vault to the side of its head while one is being developed on Robert's skull.

Skynet laid down on the table connecting the wire to the side data share vault on the side of it's head. The data share vault appears at the side of Roberts's head. Skynet puts in the cable into Roberts' data share vault. Skynet closes its eyes hoping that whatever T-11 is doing will not work. It had to not work. Both men's eyes close. We go through the cable witnessing electronical red streams carrying Skynet rush forwards reaching for the ending of their journey inside the very long cable that has a gray inside decorated in circular designs within.

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