Terminator - Without a Doubt

This is a short story that is a AU to the Terminator Franchise and to Terminator Genisys. This features a character rumored in Terminator Genisys and brought to life in 'Terminator - Fix It'. This character is 'T-11' getting an AU short story of his own because the writer likes the fanon fictional character more than the one brought to life on the silver screen by Matt Smith.


5. Without a Doubt

The year is 2029 in Los Angeles. We initiated on the last attack of  Skynet. I have spent four years working with the Resistance through my moments of doubt,asking myself 'Did I join for this?', and going out of my way to help other humans. Sometimes I wondered in the past why John let me join rather than ditching at Skynet which most of the time I didn't get to finish that train of thought as Terminators were firing at me.

Kyle volunteered to go even when John questioned him why.

I had to give Kyle Reese kudos for having the gut to go in the past to protect Sarah Connor.

 A woman gets in my way.

"Have we met before?" I ask.

She just stared at me, without saying a word.

"A African American man will attack John Connor," The woman said. "You must not fail your mission."

"I have no mission," I said. "My mission is to protect..." I stare at the woman. "You made me."

ID: Sarah Connor.

"No," Sarah said. "Skynet made you, I only gave you will."

"T-11," Elizabeth said. "I am not standing here forever!"

"Goodbye," Sarah said.

Sarah brushes past my shoulder disappearing in thin air.

Mission: Protect John Connor from Skynet.

"Yolo!" Elizabeth said. "Dork, can you read me?"

I turn towards Elizabeth's direction then head towards her.

So not only had Skynet intended for me to become it but the legendary mother of John Connor sent me back wearing a gas mask keeping my system off.  I came to a stop when Elizabeth face towards Kyle Reese. I understood why, for the firs time in a long time, why I am here. I turn my head getting a Skynet energy signature clear.

I remember.

"Pops," Sarah Connor said. "Sure this will work?"

My optic had seen it.

"This will  work," T-800 said. I can tell it is  T-800.  "And John Connor will live."

"Hey, I will live too, right?" I hear Kyle Reese.

My audios are connected to a metal skull.

"Yes, you will," Sarah said.

I am remembering a different timeline.

"Just a bit different," T-800 said.

"With that time we can find out why Skynet sent an early Terminator for me,"  Sarah said. "And how they did."

"John, that is how," Kyle said, bitterly.

"There are several paradoxes,"  T-800 said, putting the optic into a skull. "John could not have been the first source they had."

Now to the present.

Everyone is distracted by Kyle's departure. The African American man heads towards John. I recognize the African American man as Bruce Roberts.  I get in the way blocking access to John Connor holding my gun pointed right at Roberts. The once arrogant but apologetic man but now a sketchy man frowns.

"Why are you in my way?" I recognize Skynet's voice.

Skynet is not only in the cyber world and self-aware but a person.

"You are going to terminate him," I said.

"Terminate who?" Skynet asks, pretending to not know.

"The man closest to a father I ever had," I said. That act of pretending fades away.  "Don't even think about it."

"But I am your father,T-11," Skynet said. "You have no mother."

My free hand clenches.

"My mother is Sarah Connor," I said,getting in Skynet's way again.

I look up towards Kyle (who is in the time displacement field) then salute him. I feel a tough hard punch meet my cheek  sending me flying on the floor. I can feel my flesh damaged on my cheek. I get up  shooting at Skynet. Bullets flew in the air and laser blasting shots originating out of fellow Resistance members flew towards Skynet. The time displacement field kabooms out of the human view.  John Connor  takes several steps back in horror seeing a Terminator. I drop my gun to the view as there were no more bullets. I am very skilled at dodging bullets working with the Resistance for so long and fleeing from Terminators.

I lunge onto Skynet using my human like finger texture to jab through his chest pulling off my finger's skin in the process leaving metal.

"What are you doing?" Skynet asks, and so I yanked out my out of his chest cavity knocking a few rib bones ever so roughly.

"You," I said, standing upright now with my hands around Skynet's throat. "Are a computer program."

"Let me go!" Skynet demands.

"He can't be shot," John said.

I look over to John.

"Let me do this," I said.

"I trust you," John said. "Without a doubt."

"LET ME GO!" Skynet demands.

I turn my head towards Skynet.

"Until the day I am decommissioned," I said, walking over to the electrical sound mat with levitating rings capable of connecting to the internet all lowered. "You are a computer program and I am a Terminator."

"Ty!" Elizabeth shouts.

Elizabeth has been lately calling me 'Ty' an affectionate nickname. I can hear the shuffle of feet behind me so I slammed in Skynet into the levitating spheres. But somehow doing that I ended up connecting myself to Skynet dislodging my hand into the shoulder. Electrical sparks flew traveling towards the land vines on the ground that I do not know what they are called. I watch metal be sucked into the rounded spheres. 

"No!" Skynet screams.

"Ty!" Elizabeth screams out.

"Get her out of here," I said. "Please. It has been a honor working with you, John Connor."

"Ty!" Elizabeth screams.

"Goodbye, T-11," John Connor bid farewell.

The sounds of boots became mute to my ears in five minutes .

"You will die!" Skynet reminds me.

I stare back at Skynet.

"I am a Terminator," I said. "And Terminators can't be taken down so easily."

Then there was the  explosion and Skynet became trapped where it had begun. But me? On the other hand; not so much. The resistance will keep fighting and one day Skynet will be no more. Until that day comes I will be waiting until the time has come when my scrap parts are dug up, cleaned, and then put together. The fight to freedom against the machines has just taken off. The Resistance is winning.

This is T-11 signing off.

System: Shutting down.

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