Terminator - Fix it

Inspired from the plot rumors to The New Terminator movie and Matt Smith's role. Doesn't get a general story summery.

Created: 11.24.2014.

Completed:11.28.2014 at 8:58 AM.


6. Upside down

If there ever comes a day where all; the planets and the entire world lay in the balance, and then something happened you didn't expect. At least this so how it seemed for the plan orchestrated by John Conner and T-11 had turned upside down. I wasn't supposed to be part of the fixing plan. I was the distraction  enforcement. I awoke in a warm room, a lighted room in fact, and there was a gray ceiling right above.

"Blake!" Shery's voice came to. I saw Sherry standing right above me in the next minute, when she had been't there in the first place. Shouldn't she be gone? I was flabbergasted at how things changed so quickly. "Are you okay?"

I am not okay. I just found myself back in my future instead of being gone.

"What.the scrudgebubble." I said. "Did I leave?"

"You never left." Sherry said. I could see her eyes were  not that truthful. Whenever Sherry lies to me she has always has this  black strain in her eyes. "You've been out for an hour."

 I get up feeling sick, and force Sherry away from  me. I had to puke, and so I did.I  had been retracted from a mission--I hadn't been gone long in this timeline. This is one ugly feeling, I thought getting myself situated enough to stand up.Speaking of which; maybe this was a part of Conner's plan. I feel wobbly and shakily. Sherry hands me a towel.

"The side-effect of not traveling." Sherry said. "I should have expected that."

I wipe off my mouth and then stagger away from the puddle.

"I had....been there." I said, and then fell on the chair. I look up towards her direction. "Sherry..." The sick feeling rests uncomfortable in my stomach.  "You brought me back."

Sherry came over to me with concern easily written on her face.

"I didn't bring you back, Blake." Sherry said.  "You're sick, that's all."

Sherry was close enough to me that I grabbed her hand in a tight hold.

"Don't act stupid on me." I said, in a grim and most hurtful tone. I hate it when people try to trick me and make me believe that certain events never happened.  "I know you're better than that." Sherry tries to pry my fingers off her wrist.  "Who ordered you to bring me back?"

"I did." A woman's voice from the side suddenly came. I let go of Sherry's wrist. I recognized the voice so easily.It was the head of Skynet: Elizabeth Hater. The one who was on the commercials for 'equality' and 'peace'usually airing in the electronic billboards in the big cities after every thirty-two product commercial. "Civilians by law are barred from making time machines. And for using our property--"

"You didn't make the time machine." I interrupt.

Yes, Elizabeth Hater is her name. No joke.

"It was made on Skynet's base." Elizabeth said. "That automatically makes it our property. And for that, your clearance to this Skynet base is deactivated." There were a couple men coming to view behind her holding these black outlined shapes. "We do not treat acts of terror in the past gently."

I was trembling, shaking, and clutching at the arm of the chair. The fury growing and growing  inside was burning. I didn't see John or T-11 in sight, strangely. I hoped that whatever happened didn't get the two. The men were in white uniforms that have these symbolic red embedded symbols I had not seen in five years. The markings to the federal Chicago Police.

"We....My..." I was betrayed by the very thing hat kept my world from going into direness. "I ..I have not done a thing."

"We picked up a  match for your DNA at a age old robbery in a bank."  Elizabeth said.  "And for a murder. You have committed a unlawful deed in the past."

The two men were now walking towards me.

"If you ...knew that. " I said as they were much closer.

I eyed at Sherry. Sherry had backed away from me closely two feet from the puddle. Skynet would not usually interfere  into other people's business nor in the past unless...someone viewed our quest as a threat. I still, and hopefully, had the item somewhere. The memory wiper.

"You forgot what it's called." I said.

"No." Elizabeth said. "It is an act of terror."

"Wrong." I stood up and quickly punched out the two men. They were lacking the automatic experience and awareness that a trained officer would have. "That is a bank robbery!"

 Elizabeth snaps her fingers and the other me from behind came swarming at me The next thing I knew  I was in a white room that had beeps varying from loud to annoying. I could very much determine that this is not a hospital room. I couldn't see through one of my eyes so that made it clear to me there's an eye-patch over it because of the beating. For a long time I had thought these new younger men had forgotten how to fight.Apparently I was wrong.The sound of heels clicking caught my attention and made me look forwards to see Elizabeth's personal federal officer---more like Detective--who was a woman as well. I don't get bothered by the varying employed detectives who work for Skynet.Its just that some of them are not respectful enough.

"Officer Agendine." Officer Agendine said, holding a file.

"Long time no see." I greet Officer Agendine.  "Last time I saw you...You were a translator."

There wasn't a desk in front of me or the sorts, so why bring a file?

"You're the man who went back in time to commit an act of terror in a bank."  Officer Agendine said, ignoring my reply.

I laugh so low and not that entertained.

"You've forgotten the dictionary." I said.  "Its called a bank robbery!" I roll my eye. "Kids these days."

Officer Agendine came very close to me with locked eyes and a walk that didn't seem to be kidding around.

"Where is  John Conner?" Officer Agendine asks, as I leaned back in the chair away from her exposed cleavage. 

That is the best question I've heard so far. It means they didn't get him.

"I don't know." I said.

Officer Agendine fortunately backs away from me and makes this less uncomfortable.

"You met up with him..." Officer Agendine walks around taking out a couple papers from the file.  "And started to do some 'investigating' into Skynet."

"I was digging around to see if he was crazy." I said. "I don't usually believe a crazy man until I've done the checking." But I believed John Conner all right; because really those terminators were not malfunctioning as I had said before. They were set from today to kill me. "Had to make sure."

Officer Agendine turns to the right across from me.

"You did more than that." Officer Agendine said. "You stole a  important file from the system."

More baffling. I hadn't stolen a thing in my life, well, except in the past.

"Did not." I said. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Officer Agendine holds up the paper to me.

"You may be old, but pretending you have memory loss will not help your case."  Officer Agendine said. 

My eye probably was getting wide.

"...Case?" I said. "C--case?"

"Yes." Officer Agendine said with a nod.

"I... thought the word 'case' had been forgotten." I said,

This really beats the cake. I haven't been in a case in twenty-one years, or in court. Around the time  where Skynet had become so powerful it got control over the president and the white house. Where all the rules were created, the programs that were removed and the new programs that replaced them, and the dramatic change across the globe. There is only few nations resisting Skynet, and surprisingly Texas is one of them.

 These days Skynet is considered a 'protector' and a 'Representative' who defends humanity from outer-space aliens. At least that is how most people in the nations connected to Skynet are taught. If only they knew the enemy was not  native alien creatures. If only humanity knew the enemy lied in the program that claimed to protect them.

"If you're an officer, why is the detective not doing the work?" I ask.

"I am the detective." Officer Agendine said. 

"Police officers  who are promoted don't acknowledge themselves by 'officer', they go by Detective." I remind Agendine. "You're an officer of the people."

I didn't want any of that complicated line of of Detectives and Police Officers getting confused together. It didn't make sense to me that these days police officers don't acknowledge they are detectives.That is one of the parts I dislike about this 'perfect' utopia. Almost perfect.

"You should stop avoiding the evidence." Officer Agendine said. "Look at it."

"All I see is a bunch of forgery and lies." I said. "And if we did make some change in the timeline, then I'm sure John Conner is still around."

I get smacked at the face by Officer Agendine. Officers are not afraid to use force anymore.

"You're seeing unimpaired evidence." Officer Agendine said with a sneer. "You are going to get yourself killed acting this way."

I force a smile through the fresh pain.

"I am not a really good liar, mam." I said.  "And if this is real..."  I could feel the stinging pain from my cheek. "Then this is all a paradox. "

Officer Agendine steps away putting the paper back into the file.I mean the folder.

"You're just like the malfunctioned Human Borg we found years ago." Officer Agendine said, not satisfied with our conversation.

I then recalled about the fezz and the face mask.

"I didn't come with a fezz." I said. 

Officer Agent is puzzled.

"I don't understand."  Officer Agendine said. "Is this you confessing to your crimes?"

"No."  I said. "I know...who that malfunctioned human-borg is. Or at least I think so."

Officer Agendine puts the folder on a retractable table that came from the ciel--no wait the wall.

"He was intact." Ah ha, it was a male. These days Skynet has made female versions of Terminators. "In Hibernation mode."

 I look down to the right. I recall T-11 telling me that he can go into a coma phase and remain the same--physically--until someone reactivates him.T-11 is by far the only human-borg that I know of who cannot tell apart other Terminators.

"Fezz."  I said, turning my gaze away from the floor and towards her. "Was he wearing a fezz?" 

Officer Agendine looks puzzled.

"..I don't know what a Fezz is." Officer Agendine said.

I suppose the bacon-cheese example still applies to T-11.The timeline where Fezzs in fact exist.

"A red hat with a black string." I said. "It looks ridiculous."

Officer Agendine went out of the room looking quite unsure. The door came to a automatic shut when she was out. I had to make an escape plan with a fresh stinging pain of the face. I was going to fix the time-line and stop  T-800 from going into Sarah Connner's past and becoming her 'pops'. John Conner may not be around anymore, or at least the version of John who made the 1st plan anyway.The other Officers took me to the jail cells.

I had to think quick before Skynet destroyed the time machine. And learn what year, day, hour,and minute Sarah Conner's parents died. The location where their death had happened as well.  She was nine years old when they died. And I needed help. I knew where to get that sort of help.

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