Terminator - Fix it

Inspired from the plot rumors to The New Terminator movie and Matt Smith's role. Doesn't get a general story summery.

Created: 11.24.2014.

Completed:11.28.2014 at 8:58 AM.


8. Human-borg room

I managed to make my way  to the malfunctioned  human-Borg room. The room was ...And literately does smell the scent of clean in it. There wasn't a speck of dust lying around the ground or the tables. I saw  several metal boxes with metal plates stacked in these large wide versions of bookshelves. I found this really creepy.

"Fezz." I said. "There's to be a directory of items found on the malfunctioned." I originally thought that Skynet hadn't made variations of one test subject.I was wrong.  I walked over towards the book propped on the old styled wooden desk. I place a hand on the book that somehow summoned this blue levitating holo-table. There were list of names completed with profile icons.And items in a small box right above the profile picture of the individual.

I only knew about the directory thanks to the internet when my son Adam was telling me  that he know how to get in and out o the building. I didn't really listen to the directions  but all I that I did understand was  was the names of places.

I scrolled through the lists of failed and malfunctioned test subjects. I came  to stop at a red cylindrical hat with a black string. There I had seen T-11's profile there.My other eye would have really come in handy to see what date he had been found. It is one of my best eye; that I have two of them.People these days should take their gift for two eyes as a blessing not as something to get rid of. 

I tapped on the fez and...and then came the audio's voice. 

"T-11 box located in the middle of the second room with dog mutant cages that are in hibernation."
I was dumbstruck by the news. They had experimented on dogs. How sick. I knew what else had to be done. And that was getting out my next to best ally.
__                       _____                    __


"Where we going?" T-11 said, after I had put him together. He was in paralyzed mode and he had to be put together manually. 

"Back to the past." I said, taking out the fezz.  "Here, take the fezz." I toss the fez  on his face. "Back to where it had began."

"I can't go back." T-11 said. "I was there to to witness  John Connner's death."

I look down briefly closing my eyes. 

"We'll be restoring the timeline." I said, re-opening my eyes. I recalled the nameless CellMate, John Conner's future,and being accused of terrorism. "And we're going back farther."

"...How long has it been since I last saw you?" T-11 asks, still in paralyzed mode with the ht covering him. His face was covered by the fezz. "You sound older."

"I haven't aged since Skynet ordered me back." I said., kneeling down to the side of T-11. "I don't like...enjoy...erh.Excuse me." I clicked the button underneath his forearm. And then he halfway pushes himself forward.

I could hear a relieved sigh come from T-11.

"I never felt this much satisfaction from being given...movement." T-11 makes a pause. "Again." 

We  managed to get out of the jail facility. And this businesses is not going to be taken slowly. We had to initiate this plan as soon as possible.

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