Dating a Rock-Star

Seraphim has a troubled life at home but despite this she meets a tall, dark and handsome musician, who changes her life, although she promised to always support her talented boyfriend with his dreams of being a rock-star when his dream soon becomes a reality will she be able to cope with the separation that comes with fame, and the issues she faces at home without her rock?


4. 3.

Laying motionless on the cold,hard floorboards I try to comprehend what has just happened. How I wish Charlie was here to come rescue me. The abuse and feeling of being worthless had been my life for as long as I can remember, my parents abandoned me at the age of 6, leaving me with the monsters that are my Auntie and Uncle, they take pleasure in my pain and suffering. I just want to get away from here, I want to see the world and break free of the pain and suffering that weighs me down. As I begin to get colder I run my hands over the goosebumps on my arms only to feel  a sharp stinging pain as I reach the self inflicted wounds on my wrists. I began hurting myself at 9 years old, it helps me escape the madness and it helps me to forget the pain inflicted on me by others, ever since I met Charlie I've began getting my head down at school rather than raising a blade to my skin, he truly does make my life better. I jump as I hear my phone loudly vibrate on the floor. 

It was Charlie. 

"H-Hello?" I stuttered.

"What on earth happened? Please tell me that you're okay, I've been worried sick..."

"I'm fine really..."

"I've heard that tone in your voice before. What is wrong? He hurt you again didn't he?"

"It's not -"

"HE HURT YOU DIDN'T HE? I knew I should've never left you, I'm so sorry my darling, are you okay? What happened?"

"I'm just a little shook up, he, erm , well he, he beat me and then raped me ... again."

"Baby, there is no way I'm gonna leave you like this, I can't let him hurt you anymore, we have to stop this. You do not deserve this at all, you should be here with me, you need to phone the police and social services"

"I can't do that to them, they're still family - the only family I have left"

"Family do not do that to one another. Families love each other and protect each other from harm, they are not family ; they are monsters. Do teachers at school not notice your scars and bruises?"

"Until you're back they're the only people I have in my life. They do love me, they just show it differently, I know what they do isn't right but there must be a reason behind it, everyone has good in them it will just take time for me to find where the good in them is. I can help them be better people , I know I can. Teachers at school are too focused on exams and on how well we do for the school to notice anything else, I'm gonna be okay , I promise."

"I know you want to find the good in everyone, especially in them but babe I just don't think its there, you're making excuses for them, please don't defend them they don't deserve it. You've got a while until your first exam, you can revise over here, I'll help you as much as I possibly can. You'll be safer over here, please just let me fly you over here."

"I know the good is there in them, just wait and you'll see, things will get better. I have just over a month until my first exam but I can't just pack my bags and leave, they'll never let me go. I really want to come over and be with you but just leaving isn't as easy as it sounds." 

"Okay, okay I won't argue with you over this. You can just leave, I'm sure they'll be happy for you to leave, I'll pay for everything, please just let me protect you..."

"Okay, I'll leave. I trust you..."

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