My Brother's Best Friend (Joe Sugg)

Caspar Lee, born on April 24, 1994 in the UK, my 6'2, blue eyed twin, who is a youtuber.
Joe Sugg, my brother's best friend and his roommate which what I'm about to say makes things get complicated.
I might have a thing for my brothers Best Friend.

This may not seem bad, but when bestfriends, ex boyfriends, other cute youtubers, old crushes and your brother get in the way, it makes things get chaotic.


1. London

Cara's POV

I get off the plane and look around for the nearest money converter. Living in America was very different than London, with the driver side on the left instead of the right and how America used Dollars and they used pounds here.

I convert the money and place the cash in my bag that's slung around my shoulder. Most of my clothes fit in the first suitcase and whatever was important to me was in the second one, things like picture frames, electronics, and the rest of the things I left behind were things I could just buy here in London.

After graduating college in UCLA, I realized how lonely I was in America. Mum and Caspar lived in London and my old friends were there. Sure, they were all youtuber's and I could just watch their videos to make myself less lonely. But it wasn't the same.

I rolled the suitcases behind me and made my way out of the airport. Caspar couldn't pick me up for some reason, he was filming a new video perhaps, so I decided to take a taxi to his flat.

As I was rolling my suitcase, a high pitch scream was let out behind me and I turned around.

A blur of blonde and pink ran over to me giving me a big hug, almost tackling me to the ground.

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE CASPAR'S TWIN SISTER CARA!!!! I'M A HUGE FAN OF BOTH OF YOU GUYS I SAW YOU IN A COLLAB VIDEO WITH CASPAR YEARS AGO AND GOD YOU ARE SO PRETTY!" The girl screamed as I sighed in relief, thanking god it was a fan instead of a crazy zombie.

"Really? Thanks, um could you possibly help me actually, can you take a photo with me? Plus if you have a twitter or anything I can give it to Caspar if you want?" I ask as her face lights up.

"That would be amazing!!!!!" The girl squeals as she tells me her twitter name after we take a picture together.

"My plane is about to board In like 5 minutes but please tell Caspar I said hello, also tell Joe Sugg that he is hot!" The girl, who's name is Nallely, says as she pulls me in for another hug.

"I will and have a safe flight," I say as she smiles and runs off. Joe Sugg, now that's a name I remember. I have n met him in person before and every visit was pleasant. I knew that he did impressions and meets a lot of people  like Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta, my favorite American Youtubers. And what Nallely said about Joe Sugg was surely not a lie either.

I continue to walk for a couple of minutes  when I realize my suitcase felt lighter than I remembered.

I stopped to the side and unzipped the blue suitcase that had most of my clothes in and froze.

Most of the clothes were gone, along with my iPhone charger and all of my socks.

Out of all the things to steal from my bag, they steal socks and my favorite shirts wow.

I zip up the blue suitcase and check the one with my laptop and camera in it and surprisingly, nothing was stolen. 

I zipped it back up and wondered where this could have happened and realized maybe the fan was distracting me while someone robbed me.

After a couple of minutes of walking through the airport, I finally found the exit and waited for a taxi when I heard a loud honk from behind me.

I turned around and driving a car was Zoe.

"Zoe Oh my god it's been so long!" I said as she stepped out and gave me a hug.

"I'm really happy you're back Cara, we have missed you so much! Here let me help you with that," Zoe says as she grabs the blue suitcase and brings it to the trunk.

"Why so light? I thought you were moving back here?" She asks as I groan.

"It was heavier but some stupid idiot robbed me blind while I was talking to a "fan"" I say putting the quotation marks around the fan part.

"How rude of them! We can go shopping tomorrow if you want?" Zoe asks as she closes the trunk and walks to the front seat.

"That sounds like fun." I say as I walk to the door and laugh.

"Wrong side. I forgot you weirdos drive differently over here." I say as I jog to the other side and sit down.

"Ah yes us weirdos. But us weirdos really did miss you Cara." Zoe says looking over at me.

I nod," I missed you guys too."


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