First Kiss



1. First Kiss

I got my first kiss a couple of days ago 
Soft lips against mine
Like a hand reaching out for my heart
Silence all around us, 
Like silence before the storm

I wasn’t supposed to kiss him
It never had been the plan
But the way he touched me like never before
And the way his lips touched mine 
Every touch a little sweeter

The way his shirt felt on me
And the way his arms grabbed me
Holding me so tight and protective 
Feeling his tongue begging for entrance 
That safety I felt, tho what I longed for

I wanted him to be mine, 
But I knew he was too drunk to truly feel
From all the alcohol even I couldn’t see straight 
Maybe both of us were numb
Too numb to feel a thing

He was like the sea,
Calm and beautiful, yet stormy and deadly 
I was like the moon, 
A part of me would always be hidden 
But tonight, the moon was left to wander

I should not have felt him
He should not have felt me
But we collapsed into a beautiful piece
The piece got broken and left shattered back 
Just like me. 

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