The New Student

Yeah I like the guy.... So what? Is it a crime to have feelings for another person?


9. Japan Attacking

We all ate breakfast and were cleaning up.

"Since we cooked, you all are in charge of cleaning." Tiff says.

"This is my house." I respond, crossing my arms.

"I practically live here." She sticks her tongue out.

"Alright. Whatever. Come on, North." I walk over to the sink.

"We'll be downstairs watching Netflix." Tiffani says, then pulls Mason down the hallway and then down the stairs.

"So do we have to hand wash these? Or are your parents-" He stops.

I give him a death glare.

"Hand washing it is." He nods.

"I don't even understand how you got in my house." I mumble.

"Don't act like you're not enjoying my company, Princess." He leans his back against the counter.

I run the sink water and pour in some dish soap.

"Whatever." I roll my eyes.

"You're really pissy today." He says.

"That's because you're here." I respond, starting to put dishes in the warm, soapy water.

"Yeah. Okay." He smiles sarcastically.

I turn off the water.

"Wash or rinse?" I ask.

"How nice to give me the option. Hmmm. I'll wash. I like getting things wet."

"Oh my god. You wonder why I'm so pissy. Whenever you're around, I want to stab out my corneas and eat them. It would be much less painful and gruesome than spending 5 whole seconds with you!"

"Calm down. I was just kidding. It was just a joke." He puts his hands up in surrender.

"Don't tell me to calm down." I scold.

"My bad." He says, a little smug grin on his face.

"Whatever. I'll be back." I roll my eyes and walk away, going down the hall.

I quietly shut the bathroom door.

I pull down my pants and use the bathroom, then look down.

"Aw man." I whine, seeing red soak my underwear.

The door opens. Dakota's eyes meet mine.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't know this was the-" he looks down.

He turns around and walks out, shutting the door.

I couldn't say I really blamed him. There were a lot of doors in this house, I could understand how he got confused.

"Shit. Shit. Shit." I mumble, pulling up my pants.

I start crying.

I was so embarrassed.

The door opens again, a moment later.

"Hey.. I know this is awkward and everything..." Dakota shuts the door behind him.

"What are you doing in here?" I sniffle.

"I saw you in distress, so I brought you these." He hands me a pair of clean underwear along with a tampon.

"Sorry for walking in on you and making those rude jokes."

I smile.

"It's okay. Thanks. Sorry for yelling at you and being a hormonal bitch."

"I grew up with three older sisters. I'm used to it." He smiles, sympathy in his eyes. He wipes my tears with his thumb.

"Do you need any Midol or anything?" He asks.

"No, thanks."

He kisses me on the top of the head as he stands up.

"Let me know." He opens the door and walks out.

.....What just happened?

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