Sohpia is a 21 year old graduate student currently working on her masters degree in Arizona. Her birthday is during a school break, so her and friends take a spontaneous trip to London! Sophia isn't always the most exotic or outgoing girl, but when she meets a mysterious guy at a club she finds her self being swooned. What will come of this short lived trip?


17. Let's get wet.


Back to PHIA's POV

the girls were stoked to have a pool day with Justin and his friends. "Just remember J is mine! Oh and don't call him J. That's my thing" I said laughing. But he did have 5 or 6 guys with him which made it fun for the girls. Maybe they could have some wild hook ups for once. "Holy shit P you look so damn good in that bikini!" I yelled. Not gonna lie, all of my friends were hot. And I was so ready to go show them off at the pool. "Everyone ready!?" Asked Candace. "Yeah let's gooo!" We said. 

When we got there, it felt like a scene from a movie. We walked into this insane pool area that was so beautiful. The way the guys were looking at us it sorta felt like slow motion. haha. I was wearing a teeny tinie sky blue bikini that I knew justin would adore. After the awkward stares from the guys, we were finally up closand personal with the guys.

"Yo ladies have a seat girls" justin said. There were seats scattered everywhere in between the guys. Obviously I sat down with J and the girls sat around the other guys. Room service came out and we ordered mimosas. My fav! I didn't actually sit in my own sun chair, I was laying on and In between justin most of the time. I was so unbelievably comfortable with him. "You look so fucking sexy" he whispered into my ear. I kissed him, then got up and walked to the pool for a swim. After about 10 minutes J walked up to me and asked if I wanted to go talk in the cabana. I looked around for the girls and they were all tipsy and occupied with the guys. I said yes and he practically pulled me out of the pool. 

We walked hand and hand to the cabana. I loved looking up at him  yeah he was only 5'9 but I'm 5'4 so I'm perfectly content.

Justin: how's the water beautiful? (he sat next to me and rubbed my thigh.)

Me: it's amazing you should join me. ( I put my hand on top of his). So what's up? 

Justin: well I was gonna talk to you about this tonight, but seeing you now, I can't wait. 

Me: okay? Your making me nervous justin what's up?

Justin: nah my bad don't be nervous. (He got closer to my face.) Okay let me ask you first. Are you talking to any other guys from here or back home? 

Me: no, not at all. Why? Are you talking to other girls?

Justin: no no, see and that's my point. I really like you Phia and I think you feel the same way I do, I hope.  And I don't know what your plans are when you get back to Arizona. Hell I don't even know what my plans are when I Go back to L.A but I know I want to see you, and kiss you, and just be myself with you. So I guess what I'm saying is... Will you be exclusively with me? Just us, no other guys or girls. Just exclusively dating? 


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