Sohpia is a 21 year old graduate student currently working on her masters degree in Arizona. Her birthday is during a school break, so her and friends take a spontaneous trip to London! Sophia isn't always the most exotic or outgoing girl, but when she meets a mysterious guy at a club she finds her self being swooned. What will come of this short lived trip?


14. Good Morning!

It started to get super bright. I opened my eyes to a pounding headache. "Oh fuck" I said I was so hungover. I still remembered what happened last night though, thank God I didn't black out. I woke up still naked, looking for Justin. He wasn't in bed or in his room. I slowly got up to head to the shower. Tip toeing I felt like a kid sneaking cookies. BAM, the door flew right open. I think it was Ryan. He was looking down at his phone when he opened the door, and then he looked up and saw me. 

Me: shit. Get out get out! I yelled

Ryan: Oh fuck my bad! He closed the door. 

I ran to the shower. Turned on the water, that was so embarrassing. The shower was an open stone shower, so you could walk in and walk out, there was no door. I was freaking out wondering where J was, when all of a sudden I felt cold hands on my hips. I screamed and fell down. When I realized it was Justin I started laughing so hard. Justin helped me up.

Justin: Its me babe he began laughing. 

Me:Ugh, I hate you! where were you? 

Justin: I went downstairs and grabbed us breakfast, I didn't think you would get up this early. You were plastered last night hahah. 

Me: Shut up! so were you! Did you know your friend just saw me naked?

Justin: What the fuck? who?

Me: I think it was Ryan, I don't think he knew I was here but he just walked in when I was walking to the shower it was super awkward.

Justin: God dammit, I'm always telling that kid to fucking knock. I'll talk to him.

I smirked and we finished showering. We got out, got dressed and starting eating breakfast in the kitchen with the rest of the guys. 

Ryan: So uh nice meeting you Sophia (he Laughed)

Me: mm.. Likewise (I said sarcastically) 

Justin: Shut the fuck up Ryan ( he said with his mouth full) I laughed at Justin. 

After the awkward but funny breakfast I told Justin I should be heading back to my room. So he walked me to the door.

Justin: So listen, I wanna talk about us tonight. Is that cool? (that made me nervous)

Me: uhm, yeah thats totally fine. Can you just come to my room tonight? and after maybe we can all do something together you know since tomorrows my Birthday, I want to keep everyone involved. 

Justin: yeah for sure. I'll call you tonight babe. 

He kissed my lips and let go of my hand. I walked back to my room. 

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