A couple of poems

I am going to use this story to post poems that I have written, whether for school, for an ex, or just to get the words out of my head all have some sort of meaning to me


2. Love is strong, a rebuttal by Devon Harrison

And yet—love is strong.

You say dry your eyes to Juliet and Hester alike.

Love will not save you,

Is that right?

A tragedy in both yes that is true,

But everyone has a tragedy to go through.

A suffering is upon us,

Upon everyone in fact,

We all will have demise.

Before the end,

But after the beginning,

That’s what matters.

Before the suffering and the broken heart,

Is the soaring and the flying,

The weightlessness of love.

Love is weak

So easily broken.

That is what you say.

Love is fake,

Unrealistic and out of reach.

If this is true,

What about me and you?

My love for you is eternal,

Yes eternal,




However you will say it.

My love for you will go on long after I am gone,

I could spend a lifetime—two,

just to be with you.

Running over shards of broken glass,

Wouldn’t hurt nearly as bad as losing you.

You’re voice and body is my drugs,

I get high when you say my name,

Going through withdraw—dizzy and sick,

Needing to hold you.

Love bending and stretching after every fight,

Then regaining its shape,

Like water in various containers.

Love is fluid,

Unable to be cut,


My love for you is infinite.

Dry your eyes CodyBear.

Love is strong.

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