A dreaming adventure

Olivia is a normal girl leading a normal life. She doesn't love anyone but Jordan, a knight from a medieval themed book. But Jordan doesn't have a happily ever after. Can she enter his world and save him?


7. The end

It took eight years. Eight years before Jordan and I found a way to get me into his world for real. It was a little bit radical, but it was the only way to fully live our love for each other. My parents thinks I am in some road trip all around the world. It's kind of a big trip, tough, exchanging worlds. It was difficult at first, learning how to live in this new place and about all the things that women have to do here, in this medieval-like time. And magic exist, this fact was really hard to aknowledge for me and my 21th century' mind. But I was right about Jordan, he really was the love of my life. Right after Collin got exiled, he became the king' first counselor, always at his side, giving him advices and help him rule the kingom. And we got married. Now we live in the castle, I really love it. I have made many friends here, mostly other knight' wives. They really helped me when I was pregnant of my first boy, Kane. Then I had two boys twins, Lionel and Learco. Now I am pregnant of a little girl, the castle' magician told me so. Jordan was so happy when I told him. We are naming her Isobel, like my mother. I think Jordan and I will stop doing babies after. Kane was just named knight apprentice, so in four year he will become a knight, take a wife and do babies on his own, followed by his brothers. Isobel is gonna be part of the future princess retinue, the Queen is a good friend and is pregnant of a little girl too. I am really proud of my familly, and I know they are all safe in this world without war or even cellphones, living their life at one hundred percent.

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