Wishes For Emilie

Emilie Jones was just seven years old when she was diagnosed with potentially life threatening cancer. When Make-A-Wish Foundation grant Emilie one wish, she is overjoyed at the possibilities she has-but fate has other ideas...

***Runner up in the Co-Author Competition!!!***


6. Emilie

Mummy looks upset. She's looking at me with those same teary eyes I saw the first time they told me I'm not going to be here much longer. I don't feel too good, I've been waking up in the night struggling to breathe.
Archie is looking at me, I can see something in his eyes. The marine blue glistens, as if his sight is becoming the ocean. He turns a page in 'Holes' and closes it firmly.
"I'm done, you can have this now," he tells me.
As he places the book by my bed. I can hear the blip of the machine, the distance between them growing as time slows. I feel my left arm go limp and drop off the edge of the bed. My skin is cold, but I'm not shivering, I feel so weak. The world around me blurs as my eyes begin to lose hope, my mother is crying into my right hand but she keeps fading. A warmth in my left hand brings my vision back for a moment. Turning my head I manage to see Wolfie's eyes staring back at me. In that moment I know she understands. I try to tell her something but I can't say it, I just hope she heard me somehow. Perhaps she did because she stops licking my hand and walks over to my mum.
I feel my mum's hand leave mine for a second to pick up Wolfie. They smile at each other, I smile too, then they're gone.

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