Q&A (Yay)

Title says it all :-)


3. from Rhianna J. Grace :

Phew. Here goes :

"Are you an innie or an outie?"

Well, odd question, but, innie.

"Have you ever written a song?"


Willow : Ooh! May I see it?


"Can you make change for a dollar right now?''

Why do you ask?

"Have you ever used the opposite sex's public toilet?"

Yes, once, when I was four. DO NOT ASK!!!!!!

Willow : Asking!

"Have you ever written a poem?"

Yes, when I was in second grade for a contest my teacher entered me in. I was second place in the state.

Willow : She got it from me! 

I'm two years older than you.....

"Do you like your catsup on or beside your fries?"

I like them beside because when they're on, I can't pick the fries up without catsup-ey fingers.

"Have you ever been a girl/boy scout?"


"Have you ever written a book?"

Not one that was published.

"Have you ever broken a mirror?"


"Are you superstitious?"


Willow : It'll be the doom of her.....

'What's your biggest pet peeve?''

Anyone arrogant.

"Have you ever blown bubbles in your milk?"


:"Do you slurp your drink after it's gone?"


Willow : It's annoying!

"Would you rather eat a Big Mac or a Whopper?"

A Whopper, duh! A Big Mac is TOO much burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?"


"Have you ever parachuted off a plane?"

No!!! I have this thing. It prevents me from jumping off things. It's called sanity. Plus I'm scared of heights.

"What's the most daring thing you've ever done?" 

Stood up to someone a foot taller than me (p.s., I'm 6 foot 2).

"At the store, do you ask for paper or plastic?''


"True or false : sometimes you'd rather have steak than pizza?"


"Did you have a baby blanket?"


"Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?"


"Have you ever sleepwalked?"


"Have you ever had a birthday at McDonald's?"


"Can you flip your eyelids up?"


"Are you double-jointed?''

I don't think so......

"If you could be any age, what age would you be?"

I don't know or care.

"Have you ever gotten bubble gum stuck in your hair?"


''Do you ride roller-coasters?"

No, again, afraid of heights.

"Favorite carnival ride?"

I don't have one.

"Dream car?''

Blue minivan.

"Favorite cartoon of all time?"

MLP : FIM (My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic).

"Ever eaten a dog buiscuit?''


"Would you ever eat another?"

No. Never!

"If your car were sinking in a lake, what would you do?''

Call you for help.

"Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?''


"Can you pick up things with your toes?"

I can pick up pencils.

"How many remote controls are in your house?"


"Have you ever fallen asleep in school?''


"How many times have you flown in an airplane in the last year?"

None. AGAIN, afraid of heights.

"How many forgein countries have you visited?"

None. Feh.

"If you were out of shape, would you run in a trialathon if somehow guaranteed a big medal?"

I am out of shape, and NO.

"Would you rather by rich and unhappy or poor and happy?"

Poor and happy.  ;-p

"If you fell in quicksand, would you try to swim or float?''


"Do you ask for directions when lost?"


"Have you ever held a Mexican jumping bean?"

No. I wish.

"Are you more like Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland?''


"Ant farm with no ants or box of crayons with broken points?"

Second one.

"Light or dark bread?"

I don't care. 

"Fried or scrambled eggs?"




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